Roja 8th February 2021 Written Update: Kalpana’s father will to Roja

Roja 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun and Roja are spending some romantic times each other. He is flirting with her and says to Roja that he didn’t ate well in Annadhanam. Roja replies she too didn’t ate well. Arjun takes her out for dinner. They go to street food stall. Seeing it Roja asks Arjun to cook Dhosa for her.

Arjun cooking Dhosa for Roja. She asks him to cook omelette for her her. He replies to her that he don’t know to cook it. Somehow he cooks it for her. Both are feeding each other, Arjun eats chilly and burns his tongue. Roja rushes to him and gives water to him mistakenly its fall down so she gives icecream to him its too melts down. Two old couples listening to song and walking on road holding their hands. Seeing this Arjun says still their love is fresh so its their time to proves their love. Arjun and Roja are dancing for a romantic song.

Kalpana asks Annapoorna about lunch. Pratap asks Kalpana to give his income tax file. She blinks to him. Annapoorna asks Pratap to stop questioninh her she is uneducated she has zero knowledge about it. She only takes her as her daughter in law seeing her background but her daughter in law even don’t have the background too. Arjun and Aswin supports Roja but Annapoorna replies money and background matters to her.

Annapoorna complaints that they brought Roja as first daughter in law without option Kalpana accept her. Now they are trying to bring Pooja here she can’t able to accept that Kalpana gave the jewels to Pooja in temple. Arjun complaints that she used to looks down on Roja and Pooja but now she starts talking about his mom too.

Annapoorna deny it and says that she likes Kalpana a lot. She may came from poor family but her character is good. Just then Kalpana uncle comes there. She feels happy to see him and introduce him to Annapoorna. He informs to Kalpana that her father brought this land 30 years before now this land market value is 2 crores. According to will its belongs to Arjun’s wife.

Kalpana gets happy to hear it. He asks to her who is her daughter in law she points at Roja. He gives it to her but she refuses to accept it reasoning she has Arjun. He is her treasure so this is belongs to Kalpana. Kalpana says that its her dad property so Roja has all rights on it. She is giving it to her happily.

Roja deny it again. Annapoorna says to the lawyer its must be in Kalpana name but he deny it reasoning he already registered it on Roja name. Annapoorna says that Kalpana is her daughter in law. Aswin replies that Roja is also this house daughter in law. Annapoorna replies she didn’t accept her as her daughter in law. What if she fights with Arjun and leaves this house

Episode end.