Roja 8th July 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna slaps Anu

Roja 8th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says to Anu that she is doing all wrong things in greed. It won’t last long one day her truth will be out. Roja asks her to use this chance to confess her crime but Anu stops her Roja slaps her. She stares her in anger. Roja says to her that she knew well that Annapoorna pretending like changed and meet Anu in jail and provoked Roja to take Anu out of the jail. She is not a fool to believe her drama though she asked Arjun to take Anu out. Sakshi send goons to kill Arjun and kidnapped her.

He saved her and Anu on that day. She still acting according to Annapoorna’s play reasoning she wishes to see her changing her mind. Anu is the one manipulating Annapoorna. Roja asks her to change herself and go in a right path she will ask Arjun to arrange a good life for her he will definitely listen to her words. Roja asks her to talk but she pushed her down and takes rod to hit her. Arjun holds it and questions her Is she think if she beat her she can end Roja life here? She can’t able to do it. He raises the rod to beat her. Arjun blames to Roja that she tried to save her. She has no rights to stay here he takes her down forcefully. Manickan comes there and record it.

Anu complaints to her dad they are torturing her this Roja provoking Arjun against her. Roja says that she was the one whom came to beat her. Manickam questions him Is he know the punishment to treat a girl in this way. Immediately he gonna give a complain against him in police station then only he will change. Arjun asks him to see the video first. Everyone gets shock to see that video. Arjun says to him that he can able to give complaint against her in police station. Manickam asks him stop teaching him the sections.

Annapoorna says to her that Arjun and Roja whom take her out but she is behaving like this how dare she to attack Roja after this much happened? Manickam keeps supports Anu. Anu creates a fake story against Roja. Kalpana asks her to stop acting she don’t like to see her here. Manickam complaints that all are against Anu here. Manickam curses Roja. Arjun says to him that his game daughter done all fraud things so his curse will suit to her but Roja’s good deeds will definitely saves her. Annapoorna pretends like she don’t like Anu presence there. She asks him to take Anu from there. Annapoorna informs to him about the function.

Manickam teases Arjun for gonna celebrate his first night after 1 and half year. He tears the invitation in anger. kalpana gets disappointed to see it and questioning him. Arjun asks her to ignore him by saying he is a dhrishti so she might ignore him. Manickam complaints that Roja is the reason for everything. Arjun complaints that today Anu tried to kill Roja just wait and watch this Anu gonna be his villain in future she won’t hesitate to kill him also. Manickam leaves from there. Annapoorna asks Anu to fall on Roja feet and get forgiveness from her. She stands adamant not to do it.

Annapoorna pretends like slapping her and whisper to her she might do it to stay here. Anu glares her and falls on Roja feet without option. She thinks that she will make her pay for it. She apologies to her fakely. Arjun asks her to stop it and leave. Arjun whisper to them that both are acting well he will find out their plan soon. Shenbagam narrates to Shankar what ever happened in temple. He alerts her that someone needs her that’s why she is keep following her and trying to caught her. He asks her to be careful.

Episode end.