Roja 8th June 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Roja spend quality time with each other

Roja 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna complaints that Roja is insulting her. She provoked Arjun against Anu and send her inside the jail. Roja says that Anu done the mistake that’s why she is in jail. Is she wishes to see Roja bearing the punishments for the mistake Anu done? Will law allow it? Annapoorna says her husband is a criminal lawyer he knows every hole in the law. Annapoorna says clearly no good things should take place here till Anu back. Kalpana says first night is gonna happen between Arjun and Roja what’s will Anu do with this?

Annapoorna says that nothing happened between Arjun and Roja in these one year. If they waits for one more month nothing will go wrong. They are not trying to celebrate their first night but enjoying the absence of Anu here. She don’t like it all. None is respecting her here by saying she takes her bag and about to leave the house. Kalpana and Roja trues to stop her. Kalpana informs to her that she never tried to kick her out. Where will she go in this age? Annapoorna questions her Is she trying to say she is aged and will beg for money?

Annapoorna says she will sale this house and eat in that money. Annapoorna asks them to don’t add her in any good or bad things. She got enough here if he asks her to leave then she will go from here. She complaints to Pratap that no one is respecting here.
Kalpana says that Anu is wrong here but she is always supporting her. Arjun is disappointed with her because of it. Is she forget the love on Arjun how did she took care of him in his childhood days? Annapoorna says she didn’t forget anything but after Roja cams here he is testing her like enemy. Annapoprna says no one is here to support her only Anu used to support her always whenever Pratap fails to support her. But they send Anu inside the jail. Kalpana says that none looking down on her here. Roja advises to her don’t misunderstand everything like this.

Annapoorna scolds Roja and questions her Is she stoops low to hear her advise. She adds that she wishes to live with Pratap and kalpana. She treated Kalpana like Shenbagam but she proved she is a third person. Annapoorna leaved from there. Roja tells Kalpana let’s postpone this first night reasoning Annapoorna is disappointed with this. Kalpana assures to her stop worrying about this she will deal with it in her own way.

Anu comes inside the jail along with constables. Warden reads the letter and glares her. Sakshi comes there glaring Anu. Anu reminds Sakshi threaten dialogue. Warden signals to Sakshi something and questions Anu Is this first time being in jail? Sakshi informs to her she would be here long back she was the one helped her. Arjun the criminal lawyer whom send her inside the jail so he won’t allow her to go out of this jail. Warren says Manickam is her father. Sakshi tells her she is thinking like that. She is a fraud after Manickam learnt the truth he will show hell to her.

Anu questions Warden how is she giving respect to Sakshi? Why is she treating her in this way. Warden says that Sakshi is her friend. Warden asks her to change her sarie. Anu deny it reasoning may someone wore it before she can’t able to wear it. Sakshi complaints even she worked it why is she creating scene. Anu says she is ashamed to wear it. Sakshi questions Anu Isn’t she feels ashamed when did. she tried to seduce Arjun after knowing he is Roja’s husband?

Sakshi threaten Anu to wear the sarie. Constable takes her inside to change it. Roja gets scared to hear the strange sound. Arjun comes there smiling and throws flower petals on her. She realizes Arjun is doing this all and caught him. Arjun back hug her and shares to her she is so happy today. Both are romancing with each other. Roja questions him what’s the reason behind his happiness? He informs to her that winning in case is usual to him. He fulfilled his promise to his wife. Roja says that she failed to thank him reasoning she is a selfish. Arjun says she is his treasure and asks her to say what’s she like to get from him? Roja says she don’t need any gift when he is near her. Arjun demands her to say her wish. Roja informs to him she will ask later but he wanna fulfill it with any cost.

Arjun demands Roja to reveal him what’s she would like to get from him? She asks him to promise her first. Arjun says that he wanna fulfill Kalpana’s promise first. Roja says first night will happen when time comes so first promise to her. He says that he read in puran many people fall into trap while promise to them in happy mood. Arjun promises to her. Arjun and Roja are romancing with each other.

Episode end.