Roja 8th March 2021 Written Update: Shankaran helps Shenbagam

Roja 8th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with shankaran brings unconscious Shenbagam inside the hospital. He starts giving treatment to her. Doctor informs to him that she fainted due to shock.

Annapoorna says to Kalpana that she understood who is good and bad. Atleast now she realized it. Roja comes there with food. She asks kalpana to eat the food but she refuses to take food.

Annapoorna scolds Roja for coming infront of Kalpana. Roja asks Kalpana to eat. If she don’t eat then she will take any steps to make her eat like mom. Annapoorna questions Roja Is she mom to Kalpana. Doesn’t she know to make her eat like mom? Annapoorna tries to pushes her down. Roja holds her hand tighter. Annapoorna winces in pain. Yasodha and Anu comes there and tries to release her grip.

Roja shouts on all. She says to all that She is here to make Kalpana eat at any cost. She will never obey anyone here. She must make Kalpana eat today. She listened to everyone always, why not? she even got beaten. She takes knife in her hand. Annapoorna questions Roja Is she going to kill Kalpana. Roja replies to all that she will hurts herself if Kalpana didn’t eat. Anu questions her Is she blackmailing them? Roja says to Anu that she is even ready to kill herself then why should she allow her to live alive. She asks Anu to stay away. Yasodha asks Anu to come back. Roja says to Kalpana that she

Roja asks Kalpana to eat the food. If she eats then she will leave the house. Balu questions Yasodha will she leave? Yasodha replies as may be. Roja says to Kalpana that she take this knife just for her. She can’t able to prove herself as innocent often. Roja starts feeding Kalpana. Balu and Pratap feels happy to see it. Roja happily feeds her.

Annapoorna and Anu are staring her in confusion. Roja says to Kalpana its her family. She created this family. Arjun and Aswin are her sons. Nothing is important to her then her love. Like Annapoorna said she don’t know how much zero is there in crores. But she is happy to see Kalpana take the food.

Roja says to Kalpana that none is here to take arati for her when she entered into this house after marriage. But Kalpana took arathi for her. Roja appologizes to Kalpana and asks her to forgive her. Roja adds that Kalpana done everything for her. She has no one for her. No one give food for her but Kalpana did. She makes Roja happy always. She says to Kalpana if she has next birth she wants to come here as daughter in law orelse she wants to be her daughter.

Roja leaves from there. Arjun comes there running. He starts search for Roja. Balu teases him. Arjun questions Kalpana where is Roja. She replies to him that she fed food to her. Arjun feels happy for her. Any lies to him that Roja tries to kill all. Kalpana deny it and supports Roja. Pratap says to Arjun that he doubts something is wrong. Arjun says to him that Anu done this all and blamed Roja behind it.

Arjun asks Annapoorna to don’t poke her nose in this matter orelse she will accompany Anu to jail. Arjun says to Pratap that he finds out everything. He informs to Kalpana that big master plan worked behind to trap Roja in it. Roja is innocent here but all misunderstood her and hurted her. He will prove Roja’s innocence soon. Pratap asks to him where is Roja? He replies to her she is not in his room. All are searching for her. Kalpana finds a letter in pooja room.

Episode end.