Roja 8th May 2021 Written Update: A shock waits for Roja

Roja 8th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manickam says to Anu that Arjun is adamant to argue for Shanthamoorthy. Even he is ready to give statement against Anu. Anu says to him that she has no link with this case. Manickam says to her that court will never accept it because when Ganesh body taken out she recorded the video. Arjun is using that video against her. Anu says to him that she is not the actual culprit. Manickam says to her that Sakshi is first culprit. He alerts her that Arjun will question her in all way but don’t be panic in court.
Manickam asks Anu to say in court that she don’t remember anything or stay silent. Anu says to him that Arjun wants to see Roja become his daughter that’s why he is dancing according to Roja words. He says to her its not matter here.

Manickam alerts her don’t blabber anything in court and make her side weak. Anu assures to him that she will listen to him. Anu remind all the incident. She thinks that Shenbagam came to Roja dream that’s why Annapoorna is trusting her. She wishes to use this idea favour to her. Anu lies to Annapoorna that her mom came to her dream. Shenbagam came to her dream and said to her that everyone will learn soon that she is her daughter. She shared to Shenbagam that everyone misunderstood her as fake one. Anu adds that Shenbagam consoled her and remind her she is her daughter. Soon this truth will be out and Roja will leave this house soon.

Arjun claps his hand and questions her Is Shenbagsm came to her dream? She nods. Arjun teases her why don’t Shenbagam come to Annapoorna dream straightly? She is her mother right! Is she inform this to Annapoorna then no problem right? Roja questions her Is she need passport to come to Annapoorna dream? Anu complaints that they are teasing her. Arjun questions her when did Shenbagam came to her dream and which day? Anu complaints that they first said that she is not Shenbagam daughter? Now enquiring about her dream? Anu questions Arjun why don’t this favour to Roja matter? Annapoorna asks Arjun to say the answer to her questions. Does he has proof Shembagam came to Roja dream.

Anu complaints that she even took DNA too though he is not trusting her. He is a famous lawyer but he didn’t prove anything against her. Arjun says that she cheated everyone and done fraud. Anu complaints that soon everyone learns that she is real grand daughter. On that day she will leave this house. Annapoorna deny it. Arjun says to her let her allow to leave why did she stopping her? Annapoorna scolds Arjun and lashes out at him. She asks Anu to stop talking like this. Arjun takes Roja from there. Roja feels emotional hearing it. Arjun says to her that Annapoorna is aged person so her heart will melt soon hearing sentimental words. Anu manipulates her. Anu says to Annapoorna that she is here for her only. After she did she won’t be here. Her mom said to her she might be with her. If she don’t trust her then she will go near her mom. Annapoorna turns emotional and says to her don’t go anywhere. She wants to be with her always. Already she lost her daughter not her too. Roja wakes up from sleep. She prays to god today is Shanthamoorthy case coming to hearing. Arjun wants to argue well in court and proves him as innocent.

Roja notices Arjun is missing beside her. She starts searching for him in her room. She enquires to Kalpana about Arjun. Kalpana informs to Roja that he didn’t reach home yet. He informed to her yesterday that he want to work more in Ganesh murder case so he will be late. Roja nods and dials to Arjun mobile. It’s turns to switch off. Roja calls to Naveen and learns from him that Arjun went to Delhi. His important client was in serious state. So he went to take his statement. Roja feels sad.

Divya calls to Anu. She shares her tension to her. Divya informs to her that Arjun is out of city. He went to attend one important case in Delhi. Anu informs to her that Arjun will definitely come because today Shanthamooorthy case coming in hearing. Divya assures to her that none will attend this case today so nothing to worry! No one is there to argue for Shanthamoorthy. Manickam will easily handle this case. Anu asks to her why didn’t she said this yesterday? She would have sleep well. She feels happy to know that Shanthamoorthy going behind bar always.

Msmickam comes there and informs to all that he is going to win the case easily. Annapoorna feels happy to hear it. Didn’t Roja said it to her? Manickam informs to them that Arjun is not here to attend this case today. He went to Delhi. Anu teases them that Arjun knew well that he can’t able to win this case so he escaped from here. Kalpana deny it and says to her that her son has no fear he will definitely keep his word and never back off from it. Manickam asks them to question Roja if they have any doubt? Roja informs to them he is out of city!

Episode end.