Roja 8th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun tie the knot to Roja again

Roja 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Manickam saying to Pratap that he is not a saint to bless a couple like Arjun and Roja they don’t have the status to stand with him. Kalpana ask to him in which way he is not equal to him?

Manickam replies to her that he is her son that’s why supporting him blindly. He shows the agreement to everyone and says to everyone they are cheating everyone of here by inviting in the name of Wedding Anniversary.

 Actually this Arjun married Roja in contract base. She is his wife of 1 year and they even signed in the divorce papper also in the same day. It means the contract ended today they divorced in the same day too. Roja and Arjun shocked to hear it.

Kalpana about to interfear Annapoorna ask her to shut her mouth. Anu provoke Manickam that he intentionally done this agreement with Roja for not marrying her. Manickam says to everyone this girl entered into house in a fake marriage relationship now its over.

Their marriage life is like a corporation bathroom  tender project its lasted for  1 year now its over so anyone can take the tender. Same way anyone can buy Roja as their second wife for rent. Roja starts to cry hearing it.

 Annapoorna ask to Kalpana what’s going on here why did Arjun doing this all? Kalpana says to her Arjun likes Annapoorna a lot then why did she looking down on him. She replies to her that she wanna see him lead a good life that is why she is concerned.

She says to Pratap that Arjun and Roja are lie they wanna kick Anu out of the house that is why they planned it all. Anu ask to Roja now her 1 year contract is over whom knows how many contracts she signed before.

Arjun shouts on her to stop it. Manickam warns Arjun Anu is his daughter he won’t allow him to raise his  hand on her. Yasodha added that he done a big mistake by taking her into their house now contract is over so let’s go to our house leave her behind. Roja cries more . Kalpana says to them if Roja not coming Arjun won’t come to house. So she won’t come back where her son is not there?

Arjun stops her and says he will end this problem here by saying he dragged Roja with her to pries whom doing havan. He snatched the contract from Manickam and burns it in the fire made everyone shocked.

Then he tie the knot around her neck witnessing everyone there. His parents threw flower on him to bless them. He takes a round around the fire and announced infront of all that Roja is his wife. He took blessing from his parents.

Annapoorna refuce to bless them he replies to her that he is valuing his parents then anyone there. He challenged Manickam and thank him for bring a situation like this. Because his wife always wished to do a marriage infront of everyone its happened because of him. He smirks seeing Anu

Arjun and Roja reached the house Kalpana is ready to take Arathi of them Annapoorna tries to push it away but Arjun twist her hand.