Roja 9th April 2021 Written Update: Sia and Roja lashes out at Anu

Roja 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna says that Kalpana giving importance to Roja, then her. She used to take care of Kalpana like her own daughter, but she forgot it when Roja came. Kalpana pleads with Annapoorna to stop comparing like this. Annapoorna complaints that When Roja entered this house Problems are here. She adds that her grandsons used to like her a lot now treating her like the enemy. Annapoorna says Roja is the reason behind this all. Kalpana says that Roja is not a normal daughter. Annapoorna complains that Roja is unlucky. Pratap says that Annapoorna changed a lot. Annapoorna says that she changed her, Arjun brought her here. Roja says to Annapoorna that she is leaving. She doesn’t wanna create a problem between them. Annapoorna complains that Roja will pretend like leaving the house, Arjun won’t sit quietly. He will definitely come here and create scene here. It’s better to stay quiet. Roja assures to Annapoorna that she will never come in front of Arjun.

Anu asks Roja to stop mentioning Arjun as ‘ Mama’. Roja gets angry and shouts on Anu. She says to her that she keeps quiet till reasoning its her respect on Annapoorna. But she can’t able to stay quiet when Anu raising her tongue against her! Roja says to Anu that she will never leave this city. She will be watching Anu’s all move. She entered into this house as ‘Anu’. She pretends like Shenbagam and Manickam’s daughter. Not only she is doing this to get this money but also to escape from ‘ Bhayya Ganesh’ murder case. She will make sure that Anu goes behind bars!
Roja warns Anu to count her days. She will leave after this happen.
Roja says that she will never allow Anu to stay here peacefully. She will watch her even after she leave this house. Roja warns Annapoorna that one day Anu will be villain to her life. On that day Arjun and Roja will come for her by saying Roja abouts to leave.

Arjun comes there. Roja hugs him and cries. Arjun says to Roja that she shouldn’t leave alone. Let’s take mom and dad too with her.
Arjun says to Annapoorna that he will take Pratap and Kalpana with him. He can able to buy two house like this. Though he didn’t leave this house, because he knew well that Annapoorna can’t able to live without seeing Pratap. If Annapoorna try again to send Roja out then he will definitely take Pratap with him.

Annapoorna complaints that Manickam met with accident while mentioning Roja name. Arjun questions Annapoorna what will be gain of Roja in it? If Manickam die then Anu will get properties. He can able to think in its way too. He asks them to stay quiet till Manickam get conscious. Roja the one saved Manickam. Arjun takes Roja from there. Aswin is preparing coffee. Devi’s husband asks Purushothaman to perform Pooja’s marriage soon. Devi says let’s fix marriage in upcoming week. Purushothaman says to her that he saved some jewels for Pooja. Devi’s daughter start a conversation with Aswin. She is trying to impress Aswin. Pooja comes there and questions Jaya why is she here? Jaya says that she is talking with him. Pooja sends her away in jealous. Aswin gives coffee to all. Jaya is admiring him.

Devi’s husband says to Purushothaman that Meghnan used to sleep alone. He needs separate room. He asks Bujji to give his room to him. Bujji agrees to sleep with Aswin. Aswin takes Meghnan to Bujji’s room. He lies to him that ghost used to wander at night. Don’t be scared of it. Roja crying thinking about Annapoorna’s word. Arjun notices her and questions her why is she crying like this? Roja shares to Arjun that Manickam met with accident while mentioning her name.

Episode end.