Roja 9th February 2021 Written Update: Roja gets 2crores property

Roja 9th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna says that she needs atleast 20 years to accept Roja as her daughter in law of the house. She knew well this Roja will elope from this house leaving Arjun. Arjun says that Grandpa written the will on Annapoorna name then why didn’t she elope? Anu questions him why did he looking down on Annapoorna.

Grandma says that its Kalpana’s properties it should belongs to her if anyone tries to snatch it she can’t able to accept it. Kalpana replies she is happy to see Roja receive it. Annapoorna deny it and says strongly that Roja is too greedy one, she can’t able to see that property registering on her name. Lawyer says that she is not understanding anything already property registered on Roja name, only she has rights on it. Annapoorna says that this property is belongs to her family.

Arjun teases her so she replies that Annapoorna is enough rich so, she don’t needs this all likewise she can’t allow Roja receive this. Arjun replies she can’t stop them. Lawyer added that she is badmouthing about Roja a lot. He notices that she didn’t showing any interest in property this is her good qualities. He takes his leave after handover the papers to Roja. Roja and Arjun are dancing for the song muthukkal sirikkum.

Purushotham asks Pooja to picks the call. Devi is on call. She is speaking with her happily. Pooja gives the phone to her dad. Devi shares to him that she misses him a lot. He took care of her in childhood days but due to some problems she stops speaking with him. He console her. Devi says to him that her son Aravind is working in IT company. They are searching a girl for him. She suggests to him about Pooja, He is also interested in Pooja.

Purushothaman feels happy and replies to her its an good news but he has nothing compares to her status. Devi replies money is not a matter to her but Pooja’s character. She needs a good daughter in law for her. She informs to him that she is coming to chennai next week by saying she disconnect the call.

Yasodha saying to Anu that she has no tension that’s why she is walking like this. Balu complaints that Roja got 2crores rs. Anu replies that she knew well about it but nothing is popping up in her mind to react in her matters. Yasodha says that Roja used to made them suffer with Arjun support, now she got money too. Annapoorna comes there and questions them what’s going on?

Anu asks Annapoorna to do something in Roja matter. She used to don’t respect us. Now she got money too so she will dare to buy this property in her money and she will kick Annapoorna out of the house. Annapoorna assures to her nothing will go wrong. Anu says that Aswin refuses to accept the money foolishly. Annapoorna asks Anu to marry someone else. Anu deny it and says to her she is here for Annapoorna. She asks Annapoorna to create rifts between Aswin and Arjun.

Episode end.