Roja 9th January 2021 Written Update: Roja passed in her exam

Roja 9th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Chandrakantha comes to Arjun’s house along with Doctor and constables. Arjun welcomes her and narrates the incident to her. Chandrakantha says to him that she can able to take a case against Kalpana in domestic violence. Kalpana got shocked hearing it. Anu says to Arjun don’t take the case on her she will forgive her.

Chandrakantha says she can’t leave like that she asks Doctor to check her hand. Anu refuses to show her hand for the exam. Arjun forcibly gives her hand to Doctor. He pretends like warning Kalpana that he will never show partiality to anyone when it comes to law. The doctor checks her hand information to all that Anu wasted everyone’s time here she has no symptoms that her hand burned. Everyone got shocked hearing it. Arjun says to them then Anu intentionally lied to all. She framed Kalpana in it.

Chandrakantha says to Arjun that Anu wishes to blame Kalpana so let fulfill her wish. Let boil oil and ask Kalpana to pour it on Anu’s hand. Then we can arrest Kalpana in a domestic violence case. Balu and Yasodha got scared hearing it. Arjun says to her he is ready to give a complaint against Anu for framing his mom like this. Chandrakantha says to Anu that she will arrest her soon so don’t do such stupid things again. It’s her last warning by saying she leaves from there.

Arjun says to Anu that she will soon be punished he won’t say the reason now. Annapoorna question to Anu why did she frame Kalpana like this she is very innocent. She doesn’t like to see her. Arjun interrupts her and says don’t need to act like this here he knew well she will console Anu and says to her she pretends like scolding her for everyone after everyone go. Annapoorna makes faces and leaves from there. Roja says to Anu that she knew the reason why did she planned this all. Arjun says that she even didn’t show concern to that children and set the fire there soon she will go to jail when did he get the proof. When he is near Roja she can’t even touch Roja shadow too.

Arjun ringing the bell to get everyone’s attention. Everyone comes there. He ask everyone to clap. Annapoorna refuses to do but Kalpana requests her to do it. Roja goes there. Arjun opens the gift its a congratulation cake. He announces to all that Roja passed all exams. They congratulated her. Pratap says to her she has a good future in our company. Annapoorna says to him lets decide it later. Arjun says Aswin is here with the Teacher.

Anu questions him why did he bring her here. Arjun says that she taught Roja for the exam so she is here. Aswin congratulates Roja. She cut the cake when she gives it to Annapoorna she pushed it away. She then gives to all. Arjun says to Annapoorna that he won his challenge. So kick out Anu from this house. She is elder and gives value to her words. Annapoorna asks Roja to pack Anu things and send her out. Anu deny going.

Episode end