Roja 9th July 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam blessed Roja

Roja 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shankaran advises to Shenbagam and alerts her that both good and bad people are coming close to her. Before she caught her she might find out the truth and her identity. Shankaran asks Shenbagam to wear the mask before going to anywhere. She says in sarcasm that she already wearing the mask as Saraswathy she don’t know her real identity. Shankaran asks her to wear it he is saying this for her safety. She thank him and says she never saw her father after she lost her memory he is treating her like his own daughter. She informs to him that she wanna complete one pooja in temple.

Arjun, Kalpana and Roja visits the temple. Arjun complaints to his mom that she is behaving like priest always spending time in temple. If he wanna go to temple she can take Roja with her. Kalpana says to him stop talking like this she is here to pray for their future. She is disappointed with Manickam yesterday. Roja adds that Kalpana is saying the truth. More then that he has so many enemies outside that’s why they are praying for him in temple. They comes near priest and greets him.

The priest informs to them that he arranged everything for pooja. If they give this prasad to 7 married woman then her son heir will live healthily and more days. He asks Roja to do the same. Arjun leaves from there to buy the things. Shenbagam reaches there. One lady questions her Is she see her daughter anywhere? She deny it and thinks even she is also searching for her family. She has no idea when will she find them.

Shenbagam cross Arjun without looking each other. Arjun gives the things to priest. He starts the pooja. Kalpana prays to god that everyone in this family blessed to have child. She wanna see Arjun’s baby soon. She asks god to protect them from all lives. Shenbagam prays to god that she is here to complete the second pooja. She forget her daughter please show her daughter to her she wanna go near her. Priest completes the pooja and asks Kalpana to give it to married woman. Kalpana asks Roja to collect it and asks her to give it to the ladies coming to that side. Roja gives the prasad to Kalpana first. She feels happy to see it and blessed her happily. Roja gives it to 5 ladies. She says to Kalpana only one is left. She searches for someone to give it.

Shenbagam is praying there. Roja says to Kalpana that she will feel bad if she can’t able to finish this pooja. Kalpana leaves from there to search for someone. Kalpana comes near Shenbagam and feels strange to see her inside. She is wearing mask so she can’t able to identify her. Kalpana narrates the incident to her and takes her near Roja. She thinks that she wishes to bless her daughter but god asks her to bless someone. She walks near her. Kalpana points Roja to her and mentions her as her daughter in law.

Shenbagam feels happy to see her she reminds her past incidents with her. She thinks that she wishes to meet her often but destiny didn’t allowed her. She thank god for helping her to meet Roja. Shenbagam informs to Kalpana that she is searching for her relations soon she will find them. Kalpana asks Roja to give the Prasad to Shenbagam. She feels emotional to see her. Roja gives the Prasad to her and touches her hand accidently she feels strange inside her. Roja says to Arjun that she is feeling happy seeing her so she asks him to get blessing from her along with her. They touches her feet she blessed them. Shenbagam fills her hairline with vermilion.

Episode end.