Roja: Annapoorna to lashes out at Anu

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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fails to entertain its audience since the first episode is now gearing up for further drama. Now serial concentrating on Arjun is in a mission to find out Neelambari.

In the previous episode we saw; Sasi tried to beat Roja but Arjun came there on time and fighted with goons. Chandrakantha, Ashwin and Sandy too joined with Arjun to beat the goons. Neelambari came there and got angry to see them saved Roja from Sasi. Sasi ran from that place not to get caught. Anu scolded Arjun for taking risk with her. Shenbagam prayed to god to return Roja to her. She prayed for her safety. Annapoorna noticed Roja came there and alerts everyone there. Shenbagam and Annapoorna pampered Roja and shared to her how much they scared after she was kidnapped. Roja said to them When Arjun was with her nothing happen to her. Shenbagam pleaded with Arjun to don’t take risk again with Roja’s life. Anu pushed away the Arathi in anger and complained they didn’t concerned about her but only pampering Roja. Roja slapped her in anger. Annapoorna lashed out at her. Arjun too scolded her Anu took her luggage and said to them she will leave. Arjun revealed to her he gave duplicate money to her so don’t use it. He alerted her Neelambari trying to kill her too. Anu thought its safe to stay in this home.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Anu will enter into Annapoorna’s house without option? Annapoorna will notice her and question her doesn’t she said she is leaving them why is she back here she demand her to leave the house. Neelambari will break the things in anger and demand Sasi to kill Arjun first.

What will happen next? Will Anu realizes her mistakes? When will Arjun find out Neelambari?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.