Roja: Arjun and Roja romantic time

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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fail to entertain its audience since the first day, is now gearing up for further drama.

The story of this show revolves around Arjun and his family then Anu whom entered into their house as shenbakam daughter . Now they are focusing on Anu and Aswin marriage

In the previous episode we saw how Annapoorna arranged Aswin and Roja marriage . When Aswin about to tie the knot Arjun and Roja gave entry. Annapoorna complaints to Yasodha she planned to finish this marriage in his absense but he gave entry at wrong time.

Arjun complaints that they arranged Aswin marriage without him . Annapoorna reasoned muhurtham. Arjun praise her tackling nature. He and Roja pranked Anu and made her say herself that she don’t want this marriage . Everyone tries to convince her but she didn’t in the fear of caught red handed. She reasoned that still Aswin love Pooja not her .

She will marry him when he accept her wholehearted. Arjun ask Annapoorna to don’t misunderstand his hands were behind it. Aswin warn them don’t ever take marriage topic he got enough.

In the latest episode shown how Arjun and Roja threatening Anu to confess the truth and Surrender to Police or else he will reveal the orginal report to everyone . Inspector came on time . He inform her to confess but she didn’t . Inspector is his friend he indirectly warn them if something happens he will inform to Inspector.

Anu pleads to Arjun don’t reveal her truth instead she will obey him. Arjun ask her to arrange everything for their first wedding anniversary . Anu deny it. Arjun threaten her again in the name of reports. Roja complaints to Arjun he don’t love her at all. He tells her he only love his gulfi and shows her some memories of her.

Many twist and turns waiting for the viewers so stay tuned with our space for more updates.