Roja: Goons to keep a close watch on Roja

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Sun Tv popular show Roja keep entertaining it’s audience with the gripping story line. Now serial focusing on Annapoorna handover the House responsibility to Roja

In the previous episode we saw; Aswin accused Roja was creating problems in their house. He demanded them to give his shares. JS provoking him to go against Arjun. Arjun slapped Aswin and gave a fitting reply to him. He demanded Aswin to take Pooja inside ans kicked out Anu and JS from his house. He warn them to don’t poke their head in their family matters.

Pooja said to Aswin that Arjun thinking that outsiders will help them to solve their issues. He fears that they will take their shares and leave. That is why he was asking us to stay here. Roja gave a fitting reply to her. She advised her to change herself. Don’t take wrong decisions hearing others advise.

Later, Roja gave coffe to Arjun and said to him that Pooja wasn’t acting like this in her own wish. Someone provoking her to act like this. Later Pooja demands Aswin to give that house responsibility to her hands.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Annapoorna will handover house responsibility to Roja. She will gift house key to Roja. Pooja will glare at her. Later, Roja will visit the temple along with Arjun. Goons will keep an close watch on Roja.

What will happen next? Will Jessica give a statement against Arjun?

When will Arjun proves Shyam’s crime?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates