Roja: Manickam insulting Arjun and Roja in function

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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fail to entertain its audience since the first day, is now gearing up for further drama.

The story of this show revolves around Arjun and his family then Anu whom entered into their house as shenbakam daughter . Now they are focusing on Arjun blackmailing Anu in the name of Report and used her to perform their wedding Anniversary. Anu stoled the original report from Arjun locker and find out about their contract marriage.

In the previous episode Naveen came to mandap with empty cover. Shenbagam gift got switched. Arjun and Roja spying Anu. Annapoorna refuced to go with them to temple. Manickam and Shenbagam reached the mandap but didn’t met each other. Shenbagam left for an important labour patient case leaving the gift behind for Roja. Manickam said in double meaning he will end it all to Arjun. Anu pretend like pleading to Arjun and revealed to him that she already took the original report

In the latest episode Anu confess to him that she took the Original report from his jim locker. Arjun go to take copy from his mobile Sakshi goons chased it from him then break his phone and tear the report. Sakshi confess to Arjun she done everything in teasing way. Arjun narrates everything to Roja. Anu provokes Manickam to reveal the truth. Manickam insulting Arjun and Roja in the stage. Blaming him as cheater

What will happen next ? Will Manickam reveal Arjun and Roja truth to everyone or not? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.