Roja: Pooja to hide seeing her father

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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fails to entertain its audience since the first episode is now gearing up for further drama. Earlier we saw Arjun determined to find out the reason behind Shenbagam’s entry. Now viewers will see that Aswin will hide Pooja in home.

In the previous episode we saw; Annapoorna discussed about Aswin’s marriage. Kalpana showed her disappointment to it. She somehow managed the situation there. Pooja and Aswini spended some quality time with each other in terrace. Arjun shared to Naveen what happened in temple. He shared his doubt to him about Shenbagam’s entry. He asked him Naveen to watch out Is anyone looking suspicious there. Divya used the trick to divert Naveen and sneaked into hospital to spy Arjun. Arjun enquired to Shankaran about Shenbagam. Arjun fighted with goons but they escaped from him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Purushothaman will visit Annapoorna’s house and demand her to send his daughter out. She will say to him his daughter is not here. He will search for her everywhere. Arjun will follow Anu along with Naveen without her knowledge. He will notice Anu talking with Sakshi. He will understand that something serious going on. Sakshi alerts Anu that Arjun got doubt on them. Pooja will talk with Roja and Shenbagam. Seeing Anu coming she will hide under the bed.

What will happen next? Will Arjun find out the intention behind Shenbagam’s entry? Will Annapoorna caught Pooja red handed?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.