Roja: Roja to find the truth

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Sun Tv popular show Roja keep entertaining it’s audience with the gripping story line. Now serial focusing on Arjun to escape from police


In the previous episode we saw; Arjun met Shiva and informed him that someone kidnapped his child. He wanted to find that person with his help. He gave the hidden camera to Shiva and said to him that someone placed it in the reeth and sent it to Roja. He asked him to hack it and give the details to him.

Shiva assured to Arjun that he will alert him asap. Roja cried thinking about her baby. Annapoorna came there to console her. Roja shared her grief with him. She noticed Arjun returned home. She asked him to find her baby asap. Arjun assured her that he will find their baby asap. Meanwhile, Yasodha brought police there to arrest Arjun for kidnapped Balu.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sakshi will talk with Arjun’s baby that his father won’t escape from her today. She will be determined to kill him. Meanwhile, Roja will threaten Yasodha to reveal her baby’s whereabouts? Yasodha will reveal her that baby was in Sakshi’s house.

Arjun will escape from the police. Police will shoot him. Roja will reach to Sakshi’s house to save her baby. But she will lock Roja in her house. Sakshi will try to throw Roja’s baby down from terrace.

What will happen next? Will Jessica give a statement against Arjun? When will Arjun proves Shyam’s crime?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates