Roja special episode 20th September 2020 Written Update: Arjun and Roja smelled Anu plan

Roja special episode 20th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anu spraying some scent on Arjun and Roja bed to make them unconscious. After they entered in Arjun flirts with Roja. Roja excused him and starts to sleep he too lay beside her and close his eyes.

 Anu sneaked into their room and starts searching for the report. She takes the key from Arjun bed. She opened the almira and shouts in fear , skeleton fell on her she faints. Everyone entered into Arjun room hearing her noise.

Annapoorna wakes Anu and console her . Arjun and Roja woke up and ask to Anu why did she entered into their room.Anu stammers. Aswin kept question her . Arjun framed Anu that she stoled the jewels he brought for Roja. Anu deny it .

Arjun ask her to say the reason she entered into their room. Aswin provoke Arjun to call the police . When situation went overboard Annapoorna slapped Anu and scold her badly . She leaves from there.  Arjun and Roja smiles in victory.

Annapoorna secretly console Anu and explain to her she acted infront of everyone to save Anu. Roja and Arjun pranked on Anu by wearing skeleton dress . He revealed to her that they evesdropped her plan and acted before her.  Next day they provoke Arjun and speak ill about Roja.

 Arjun argue with Annapoorna for Roja even Kalpana and Aswin join with him. Annapoorna blames Kalpana for taking Roja side. Arjun says to her she is not like this before when she joined with Anu she too behaving literally like drainage.

Annapoorma provoke Pratap to stop their son. Arjun don’t leave her and talk back with grandy. Yasodha went overboard and badmouth on Roja and accuse her that she will elope one day. Frustrated Arjun push her down in anger . Annapoorna question Pratap why don’t he stop Arjun. Aswin interfear and says when grandy talk ill about Roja and mom he was quiet so he lost the rights to talk.

They somehow convinced grandy and make her agree to do the pooja. Arjun informs to his assisstant Anu is criminal she will try to stole the report so keep it safe and bring it on time . Sakshi’s person following them and informing their move to Sakshi.

Next day Roja were doing pooja , kalpana and Arjun admiring her . Kalpana praising Roja. Annapoorna comes there along with everyone and ask to Kalpana did she preapared evetything for pooja. She narrated to Roja the rituals and steps to follow the pooja. Anu smirks and thinks she won’t allow to fullfill the pooja. Shenbagam reach the temple and talking with Priest.

While saying the steps. Annapoorna humiliate Roja by saying she is an orphan how comes her mom gonna give her blessings to her . She starts to badmouth her Anu enjoying Roja tears . Arjun and Kalpana supporting Roja.

Annapoorna keeps taunting her and insulting her  when Arjun keep supporting her Annapporna points her problem that she is not carrying yet . She even doubt whether she will in future also ? Kalpana plead to her don’t curse her children its sin.

Arjun feeds sweet to Roja and announce to them she will be pregnant soon with his child. Annapoorna smiles in pity and again takes the mom topic. Kalpana says she will do it but Annapoorna stops her by pointing she is her mother in law. Sumathy comes voluntarily to do it but Annapoorna insult her by showing her status. Aswin and Arjun gets angry and curse her back.

Annapoorna provoke Pratap against them . Arjun helpled Roja to start the pooja. Annapoorna says lakshmi dollar is very important one she might bring all the things back carefully she couldn’t miss a single thing from it and come back before 5 she is not allowed to see Arjun till then . She agrees to all conditions happily . Roja leaves to the same temple where Shenbagam is.

Anu set a person to ruin her pooja. She informing Roja all moves to her. Priest asked Roja to takes a round around temple. Shenbagam doing meditation in temple . Anu’s person tried to push the plate but missed it . Arjun search for Kalpana. Anu stare Aswin and thinks if he supports her then her task will be easy .

 Once she got succeed she will deal with all. Arjun missing Roja and complaints to Kalpana its not fair to send her alone. Kalpana convince him by saying she too done it all in past its very important ritual for their family. Anu’s person pushed away Roja plate and ask fake sorry to her.

 Roja shocked to the core and starts to cry thinking about the condition Annapoorna said to her . She is searching for the important lakshmi dollar but its missing . Roja got broken she doesn’t know how will she go back to home befor 5 . Anu got to know everything going according to her plan she smirked happily.

 Roja scolding god for creating such incidents and complaints to god. She says she don’t wanna loss in this pooja its better to die then going back to home in empty hands. Someone calls Roja she got shocked.