Roja: Yasodha to shoot Sakshi

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Sun Tv popular show Roja keep entertaining it’s audience with the gripping story line. Now serial focusing on Arjun to save his baby.


In Today’s episode we see; Roja and Yasodha are searching for her baby in Sakshi’s house. Roja informs her that she saw her baby in that room but he was missing now. Sakshi comes there and demands her goons to take Roja from there.

Roja challenges her that Arjun will definitely save her baby. Inspector informs Sakshi that judge is doing favourisim to Arjun. Sakshi notices Arjun and Chandrakantha there. They fights with the goons and enters into the house.

Arjun releases Roja from the locked room. She searched for her baby. Sakshi throws down baby from terrace. Arjun caught the baby on time. Yasodha shoots Sakshi. She informs Arjun that she was paying for her deeds.

Later, police arrest Yasodha. Baby’s naming ceremony function take place. Arjun keeps Velan name to his baby. Roja ends with a happy note.