Romantic twist ahead in Bepanah Pyaar!

Next in Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar Raghbir and Pragati will go on a date.

Sanket hints Pragati to find some photo frame, as it has a clue against the culprit. Pragati finds the photo frame. She goes to her room and opens the photo. She finds some key inside the photo frame and thinks why someone has hiden the key under the frame. She recalls Sanket’s words and gets tensed. She hears someone’s footstep and hides the frame. Pragati comes out from her room and finds no one.

Ahead, Kunti’s presence is troubling Aditi. She asks Gopi to do something to get rid of Kunti, as she is trying to bring Raghbir and Pragati close. Kunti says to Raghbir to move on in his life with Pragati.

Raghbir tells her that his happiness lies in Bani and he can’t replace her with anyone. Pragati hears Raghbir’s talk and gets teary.

Kunti asks Raghbir to think about Pragati for once. To bring Pragati and Raghbir close Kunti plans a date for the duo.

Kunit asks Harshit and Shefali to do arrangements for them. Harshit asks but who will convince Raghbir for going on a date with Pragati. Kunti says she will convince him.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Raghbir and Pragati will spend quality time together.

Raghbir and Pragati will go on a date and both will feel extremely awkward. Later, when they go back to their bedroom, they are drenched.

Raghbir will ask Pragati to change her clothes. Pragati will find some piece of hint and will suspect Raghbir ahead.

Do Raghbir is the mastermind or the victim time will only tell. Do Pragati will be able to unmask the real culprit, well time will only tell. For all the answers keep watching Bepanah Pyaar on Colors TV.

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