Rupali Ganguly is an exceptional performer. 

By Anil Merani| Actress Rupali Ganguly is a late bloomer. She arrived on the TV scene with Anupamaa at an age when most female tube actors phase out with lesser-important characters.

Her superb portrayal of a suppressed housewife who again finds love, has made her one of the top-paid actors of the day. Apart from good per-day packages, this daughter of well-known film director Anil Ganguly also makes hefty money on Instagram deals.

Rupali, who has been around for years doing good work(Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kkavyanjali, Parvarrish, Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethe, and Bigg Boss 1), never found her calling till the above Rajan Shahi effort came around in 2020. Her last call to fame was the fumbling dimwit Monisha Sarabhai in Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai ( Star One).

Rupali, who is now successfully settled with her loving husband, Ashwin K. Verma, had a tough life when her father’s filmmaking career took a nose dive. She had even worked in a store to make ends meet. 

Even Anupamaa was not sans hiccups, with a delayed start due to COVID-19. But she has not looked back since then. 

Extremely talented, Rupali can ace every emotion, leaving a deep imprint on millions of fans. Since it started four years ago, Anupamaa has been the numero uno show of the day.

What makes Rupali tick is her skill in internalizing the housewife thought process and bringing it out as effortlessly as possible on the small screen.

 Many Generation Z and Millennial fans question why  Anupamaa took so long to accept love again. They need to understand that for the women of the lead actor’s generation (forty-plus), marriage was for keeps; hence, they must deal with a lot of emotional and family turmoil before crossing the aisle. Rupali brought that out with aplomb. 

Rupali and Gaurav Khanna( Anuj Kapadia) deserve praise for bringing out chemistry with respect and grace. Given the family angle here, it is interesting that both actors reportedly do not see eye to eye to set.

Her new on-screen equation with Vaquar Sheikh( Yasheep) is still to blossom; we wonder whether the fans will troll Anupamaa for dumping Anuj.

Rupali also physically presents Anupamaa quite well. The body language and confidence change with the moods.’

We would love to see what other types of characters Rupali would love to essay next. I would like to see a very modern woman, which would be an antithesis of what Anupamaa stands out for. A real actor always aims for a very diverse portfolio of work. We would also be game for the next season of  Sarabhai, where she brings out an older Monisha who is still daft.