RV tries to gain Happy’s sympathy: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji

Next in Star Plus show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, RV will try to gain Happy’s sympathy. He will think he has  lost his brother and now can’t lose Happy thus he will try to play a victim card in front of Happy.

So far in the episodes, it is seen RV calling Ranveer and asks him to receive the call. Rocky follows Ranveer on the bike. Ranveer receives the call and asks to save him as Rocky wants to kill him. RV says he will reach there and will save him. Ranveer sees a truck and changes his direction. His car hits aside, he took out his gun and shoots at Rocky. Rocky slides the bike to save himself. He runs towards Ranveer and gets shot. Rocky started running more closer to him. Ranveer asked him not to come closer else he will shoot him. Happy reaches to save Rocky. Ranveer asks her to stay out or he will shoot her too. Rocky asks Happy to go. Later, RV shoots Ranveer. Everyone gets shocked seeing RV there.

Now, in the upcoming episode viewers will witness, RV cries and asks Ranveer to open his eyes. Police reaches the spot and asks to find Rocky, as he is a criminal. Rocky tells everyone that RV and Ranveer have framed him. He is innocent. He tells everyone that he didn’t did anything. Police will ask for the proof, his lawyer will say they will prove him innocent soon. RV gets worried.Later,  police will arrest RV. He will try to play victim card by saying he was not knowing about Ranveer’s intention. Happy will ignore and will run to Rocky seeing the blood. She will take him to the hospital and he gets cured. Afterwards, RV will try to gain Happy’s sympathy.

Do Happy will trust RV, time will only tell.

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