Saahil Uppal: If a project requires me to a do bold scene I’m ready, but won’t do it if the scene has been added for cheap publicity

Saahil Uppal is open to trying new things, choosing the path less taken. The Pinjara Khubsurti Ka actor is open to experimenting with different characters and genres. In fact, he has no reservation when it comes to taking up bold characters.

“If the project is good and a bold scene or a love making scene is genuinely required then I can think about it. Also other aspects like who is making it, whether it will be shot aesthetically, who is involved in making it, which platform it is going for and whether the script genuinely demands it etc will be taken into consideration. I won’t do it if the scene is there for cheap publicity, to grab the audiences’ attention,” he explains the actor, who is keen on doing web, and of course films.

Many TV actors have spoken about facing discrimination while trying out in Bollywood. Did he face any such biases? “I personally believe television is the most difficult medium given the time and dedication it demands. People don’t understand and often disrespect TV celebs. I know TV actors face criticism of being over exposed, they overreact during scenes etc. But then not everyone does that, sometimes one needs to do it when the script demands. TV actors can do both real and over-the-top scenes. Mrunal Thakur, Radhika Madan, Sushant Singh Rajput, they all did TV before they became film stars. I feel if TV actors get equal opportunities they will perform and do well. Rather than looking down upon us, give us opportunities,” he adds.

Saahil also mentions how social media and the web have actually blurred the line dividing actors working in different mediums.

Talking about social media, there is a constant number game happening on different platforms. And the actor cautions that we should not take social media seriously. He also makes sure to stay real on social media.

“I don’t really fake things. Obviously, numbers and following on social media matters but I don’t believe in all that. I feel my talent is more important than the number of followers. No matter how many million followers you have, if you can’t act, you can’t act. If a social media game is strong it’s good because it helps but I can’t put too much effort into creating it. It should happen organically,” he says, adding that he is not new trolling, the dark side of social media.

Given his past experience he has learnt to take it with a pinch of salt. “I know there are people who have nothing to do and they just make fake accounts and vent their frustrations. I don’t take it seriously but I know when a lot of bullying is happening it affects you. It happened to me once as I kept reading the negative comments. But once I started ignoring things, things were better… There are pros and cons to everything. We have many advantages. And I choose to focus on the love and support I get online,” he concludes.