Saanand Verma on #FriendshipDay: For me, friendship is unconditional love and having that one person who’s with you both in good and bad times

Friends are for life. They are our favourite companions in every phase of our lives. On Friendship Day, actor Saanand Verma, who will be seen next in the film Super Woman, talks about the significance of friendship in her life and more.

Friendship for me is unconditional love and having that one person who is with you both in good and bad times. You love them from the bottom of your heart. When you face a difficult situation in life, then the first thing that comes to our mind is our friend. There is no bigger relationship than friendship. In my childhood, I loved the song – ‘diye jalte hain, phool khilte hai, badi mushkil se magar duniya mein dost milte hai’. I loved the acting done by Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan in this song. It’s my favourite song on friendship. I don’t have many friends because true friends are very difficult to find. Even if you find that one friend then you are lucky. In friendship there is no place for sorry and thank you and I truly believe in it,” he says.

Saanand remembers an incident from his days in Delhi. “It was during the time when my father expired. At that time, my friend came to my rescue when I had no money for my dad’s funeral. Today also when I remember that time, I get emotional,” he shares.
On whether he is still in touch with his friends from your school, college or neighbourhood, Saanand adds, “Lalit Nigam is my best friend. His nickname is Rinku and lives in Delhi. He is my childhood friend. He became my friend when I was a teenager. I started working at a very early age so when I was a journalist, I met him in Delhi. He is very special to me. We hardly call each other but there is a sense of belonging and love between us which is astonishing. Whenever I go to Delhi, we spend the entire day together without having any kind of expectations. We know that we are truly best friends and that’s the quality of a friendship. No matter how many ups and downs you face in your life, the emotions for your friend never change and remain the same till your last breath. True friends remain the same in all phases of life and love you the same always,”
he says.

If two people work in the same field, many professional rivalry acts as a hindrance to friendship. “I am a smart communicator and I handle things with prior thinking, so I have never faced any arguments. Professional rivalry and friendship are different things. Both shouldn’t be mixed. When you have professional rivalry then you can’t name it as friendship. You can either be friends or rivals,” he ends.