Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10th April 2021 Written Update: Kanak spoils Gehna’s birthday

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant gives “pani puri” to Gehna. But Radhika takes it from Gehna and eats it. She apologize to them saying she could not control herself seeing “pani puri” in front of her. She says to Anant that when they were in Singapore she wanted to eat Indian food but they could not find any Indian restaurant so he prepared “pani puri” for her and says that time too it tasted like this only. Gehna asks Radhika that what is she doing there. Radhika says to her that she came to eat “pani puri” then laughs saying she was just joking. She says to her that she came to ask her necklace and shows Gehna’s necklace saying Anant gifted her this. Gehna shocks hearing her.

Radhika says Gehna wearing her necklace and shows another necklace saying Anant brought this one for Gehna. Anant says he also didn’t notice. Gehna gives the necklace to Radhika. Radhika says to Anant that she knows he prepared this for Gehna but she also want to eat “pani puri”. He gives “pani puri” to her. While eating, Radhika starts coughing so Gehna goes to bring water. Gehna thinks she will tell Radhika to go because she is Anant’s wife and she only has rights to spend time with him today. She notices kitchen is messed up so starts cleaning it. Kanak sees that and thinks it’s time to execute their next plan. She calls Radhika but Radhika acts like Vineet called her. Anant asks her that what happened. She didn’t reply anything and leaves from there. Anant follows her. Gehna sees them and wonders where are they going at this time.

Anant stops Radhika. She says to him that she has to click pictures of Vineet’s important document to send it to him and if she failed then his business deal would be cancelled and she can’t even imagine what he will do with her after that. He says to her that he will drive. Gehna decides to call Anant and Kanak mocks her then reminds her about Anant’s rejection. Gehna says to her that she is not feeling bad but just worried for them. Kanak thinks she successfully spoiled Gehna’s birthday and smiles.

Anant receives Gehna’s call and informs her that he will return in 2 hours. Radhika acts like searching the file. She tells Anant to go saying he has to spend time with Gehna. He asks her to give Vineet’s number saying he will talk to him. She says to him that Vineet will misunderstand so she can’t give. He says to her that she was an independent girl then what happened to her now. She says to him that no one was there to support her so she married him thinking he will be her good friend but her life become hell. Anant notices that Radhika fell asleep with file and he decides to stay in Radhika’s house.

Next day, Gehna wonders why Anant and Radhika didn’t come yet. Dress designer comes there saying Anant send him to show dress to Gehna. Kanak asks Gehna to bring Anant. Anant and Radhika comes from outside. Kanak says to Praful that she saw Anant and Radhika leaving the house yesterday night.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna learns that Anant hiding something from her.

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