Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10th November 2020 Written Update: Kokila confronts Gopi

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 10th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kanak brings Kokila to outhouse. A disguised Gopi shocks seeing Kokila there. Kokila could not able to see Gopi because of darkness and asks why Kanak brought her here. Kanak says she will know now and switch on the lights. Gopi was standing there showing her back to Kokila. Kanak moves towards her and turns her so Kokila can see her face. Kokila shocks seeing Gopi.

Kanak says Kokila only said there is only one truth exists few minutes back. She asks Kokila to guess who is this person and says she just has fake nails but here this person is fake and even Kokila could not able to identify this fakeness. She says she will reveal this person’s truth to Kokila and removes cap and moustache from Gopi. She says first she saw Gopi struggling to walk then she saw the person who is staying with Gopi kaka also walks like Gopi and to give privacy to Gopi kaka and his guest, Gehna slept at guest room. She taunts Gopi.

Kokila tells her to not interfere in her family matter. Kanak says this is what she is also trying to make her understand from beginning that she should not interfere in her family matter. She tells Kokila to handle her family and she will handle her family matters. Gopi says Kanak misunderstood her. Kanak says truth differs according to person’s perspective and says it’s time for her green tea so she has to leave and thanks Kokila for opening her green tea box and in return she also exposed her favorite daughter in law’s true face in front of her and leaves from there.

Kokila asks why Gopi doing all this. She says Gopi can’t stay silent and asks who is Gehna’s kaka that she comes to meet him that too in a disguised form. Gopi thinks now she can’t reveal Ahem’s truth to her. Kokila asks her to answer her question saying she wants to know why she is doing all this. Gopi apologize to her and says right now she can’t tell anything to her and was about to move from there. Kokila stops her saying her behavior compelling her to doubt her and says she too witnessed how Kanak taunted her and slapped her with her words and she could not say anything to her.

She says she blindly trusts Gopi but she deceived her and says she invited her to outhouse and she is sure that she is hiding something from her and asks what is that. Gopi says she can’t tell anything to her right now. Kokila says Gopi hurting her with her behavior and today she feels like they are not sharing mother-daughter relationship and also she is not trusting her enough to share her matter to her. She says still she is proud of Gopi and trusts her that she won’t do anything wrong but until she can’t reveal the truth to her they should stay away from each other and leaves from there.

Gopi kaka was moving towards outhouse thinking finally he got one friend. Kokila comes out of the outhouse but she doesn’t notice him because Anant blocks her view. Praful tells Gehna that he invited Guruji to his house and he accepted his request. Gehna says he need not to worry about anything she will take care of everything. Anant talks with Gopi kaka thinking he is Jaggy and invites him to his house. Gopi who heard their conversation thinks Kokila should not see Ahem now. Gopi kaka gets angry seeing Gopi in front of him. Kanak says she has plan to insult Anant and Gehna in front of Guruji. Gopi reveals Ahem’s truth to Anant.

Episode ends

Precap – Kanak plans to mix alcohol in Guruji’s pooja things.

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