Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 12th November 2020 Written Update: Sagar mixes alcohol in Guruji’s water pot

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 12th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guruji completes the pooja and tells Praful to keep the water pot where they are preparing prasad for God. Chetan was about to take that water pot but Gehna takes it from Guruji’s assistant. Praful, Jamuna takes blessings from Guruji. Guruji says someone entered their life and that person will support them till the end.

Everyone takes blessings from him one by one. He tells to Gopi and Kokila that the path is difficult but the destination is same. He asks about Gehna. Hema says she is servant and later realize what she did seeing everyone’s reaction. Kanak says she is like daughter to Praful and she is the one who handles all the house hold chores. Pankaj says Hema explained to him in simple way so he can understand. Guruji gets angry on them and was about to leave the house. But Praful stops him saying they said it without realizing what they are doing and tells Pankaj and Hema to apologize to Guruji.

. Kanak signals Pankaj to apologize to him. Hema and Pankaj apologize to Guruji. Guruji says Gehna didn’t take blessings from him. Gehna moves towards him. He says soon her life going to change in a positive way. She says Praful, Jamuna gave new life to her and she just wants their blessings nothing else. Kanak tells Guruji that Gehna only prepared everything for pooja. She tells Hema to not make any mistake.

Chetan gets worried about their plan. Sagar enters the kitchen through window and mixes alcohol in the water pot. Gopi prays to God to help her in her mission so she can unite Kokila and Ahem. She says it’s getting difficult for her to handle everything alone because now Kokila also not talking to her. Gehna, Anant places the speaker on terrace and informs Gopi that he connected everything now her voice will reach Ahem when she starts to sing. Gehna tells Kokila to sit beside her and thinks she has to make sure Kokila doesn’t see Ahem.

Gopi starts to sing and Ahem hears her voice. Anant waits in the terrace for Ahem. Ahem gets glimpse of his past and wonders why this voice seems familiar to him. Praful tells Gehna to bring the water pot. Gehna moves towards kitchen and gets worried thinking when she is not around Kokila what if she sees Ahem. Sagar messages his gang that his completed his work. Gehna smells the water pot and realizes that alcohol is mixed there and gets worried thinking what to do now.

Ahem moves towards the house. Anant gets happy seeing Ahem. Kokila feels something strange and gets happy seeing Ahem in front of her. Ahem too notices Kokila. Gopi sees Ahem and gets happy but shocks realizing Kokila too saw Ahem. Anant shocks when he get to know Kokila saw Ahem. Kokila moves towards Ahem and was about to hold him but he moves back and leaves from there. Kokila follows him. Anant and Gopi follows them.

Kokila tells Ahem that she wants to tell him something and tells him to stop. He tells her to not follows him saying he is not her Ahem. She says he is her son. Gopi tells them to come aside saying they are standing in the middle of the road. While following Ahem a truck was about to hit Kokila but he saves her. She asks is she fine. He says he is fine and calls her as mother. Kokila shocks hearing him.

Episode ends

Precap – Guruji asks for water pot. Kanak tells Gehna to bring Guruji’s water pot.

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