Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th April 2021 Written Update: Anant yells at Gehna for Radhika

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna wakes up Anant saying she want to say give good news to him. Anant receives Radhika’s message which states that, Gehna didn’t like Radhika’s stay in Desai mansion so she is leaving the house. Gehna wonders who would have messaged him and asks him about that message. He assumes that this is Gehna’s good news and yells at her. She says to him that she doesn’t know about that. Anant goes to Radhika’s house and knocks the door. But Radhika refuse to open the door. One lady opens the door and introduce herself as Radhika’s Doctor. Anant enters the house and asks Radhika that why she left his house. She says to him that she doesn’t want to talk about it and tells him to leave from there.

Doctor asks Radhika to bring water for her so Radhika goes to the kitchen. She says to Anant that Radhika’s condition is very bad. He asks her that if everything started because of Radhika’s abusive husband. She says to him that it started when Radhika’s long time boyfriend left her to marry someone else. She says it won’t be good to leave her alone and she needs happy environment around her. He says to her that he will take Radhika to his house. Radhika refuse to go with him saying she already lost everything but can’t compromise in her self respect. She says to him that he will tell the truth his family if they questioned him then. He thinks it’s hard to believe that Gehna asked Radhika to leave the house that too without informing him.

On the other hand, Kanak asks Gehna about Radhika. Gehna says to her that she doesn’t know about Radhika. Hema says to Kanak that it’s good that Radhika left the house. Kanak decides to deal with Hema later and she says to Gehna that she took Radhika’s place in this house by marrying Anant and now she made Radhika leave the house too. Jamuna says to Kanak that she told Radhika to leave the house. Anant brings Radhika back. Kanak smiles seeing Radhika. Jamuna recalls Radhika’s promise. Praful asks Anant that what’s happening.

Anant ignores him and says to Gehna that he brought Radhika to his house and asks doesn’t he has that much rights to bring his friend to his house. He says to his family that if anyone has any problem with Radhika then they has to talk to him. Jamuna says to him that she want to talk to him. Gehna says to Jamuna that she will talk to Anant. Kanak takes Radhika to her room. Hema says to Gehna that everything is Radhika’s drama.

Gehna asks Anant to tell the truth to her. Radhika asks Gehna to not force him and asks her to trust him. Gehna asks Radhika to not come between husband and wife. Anant says to Radhika that he will handle the
He says to Gehna that she deserves to know the truth but it’s not the right time. She says to him that she won’t ask about it again and shows her hall ticket to him saying he wanted to inform him about it only. He says to her that he will inform about her studies to his family.

Kanak says to Radhika that they has to do something big to end Anant and Gehna’s relationship. Anant receives call for job interview. He informs about it to his family. He also informs his family that Gehna continued her studies. Praful and Jamuna blesses Gehna. Kanak thinks she won’t let Gehna write her exams.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika and Kanak plans to stop Gehna from studying.

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