Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th March 2021 Written Update: Gehna finds evidence to prove her innocence

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Paresh says if they want to play musical chair then where is music. Kanak says she brought music system with her and tells Hema that soon everyone’s stomach going to react. Chetan asks who will play music. Sagar says he will do and asks others to play game. Tiya asks Anant and Gehna to join them who were standing alone. And the game begins after some time Praful gets out.

In second round Kanak says Pankaj is out. Sapan and Praful feels unwell and Sagar notices them and thinks his poison started working. While playing Gehna sits on Anant’s lap and both feels awkward and recalls the proposal and also the rejection. Gehna gets up and says she is out now. Kanak says seems like Gehna didn’t get place and says not everyone is lucky. Tiya says she pushed Gehna by mistake. Pankaj says they can play again.

Kanak goes to attend important call. Tanu tells Kanak that she want to go to washroom. Kanak tells Hema that Sagar said he planned something huge so if anything goes wrong then it will be big problem. Jamuna loses her consciousness and falls down from chair. Everyone shocks seeing her. After Jamuna, Praful too faints. Everyone gets worried for them. Sapan and Tiya too screams in pain. Hema’s kids too holds their stomach and winches in pain. Sagar shocks seeing kids condition.

Kanak thinks if anything happens to kids then she won’t leave Sagar. Gehna notices that Tanu is missing and goes to washroom and shocks seeing her. She calls Anant for help. Desai’s admits everyone in the hospital. Kanak drags Sagar alone and slaps him and asks what he mixed in the food. He says he told them to not let the kids eat that food and reveals that he mixed poison. She shocks hearing him and gets worried for kids.

Hema cries seeing her kids condition. Gehna asks Doctor that what happened to everyone. Doctor says everyone ate the food which had poison and says he gave injection to everyone but has to wait to see what’s going to happen. Hema pleads him to save her kids. Gehna consoles Hema and says God will save everyone. Hema accuses Gehna for everyone’s condition and asks her to leave from there. Gehna says Tiya was also there with her when she was cooking. Hema says even Tiya can’t save her today and pushes her.

Gehna was about to fall but Anant saves her by hurting his hand and asks is she fine. She says she is fine and asks Nurse to bandage Anant’s hand. Nurse goes to bring first aid kit. Anant was about to something to Hema but Kanak interrupts saying he will support Gehna now also but the truth is Gehna is responsible for everyone’s condition. Gehna defends herself. Hema scolds Sagar for mixing poison in food. Kanak asks him to leave from there.

Gehna watches the clip in which Sagar was mixing something in the food. She follows Sagar and asks who is he and what he mixed in the food and says she saw everything in the clip. He runs from there. Gehna tells Anant to catch helper saying it’s him who mixed poison in food. She calls Police and Kanak, Hema sees that. Anant follows Sagar. Gehna shows the clip to Paresh. Anant sees Sagar’s face and realises that it’s Sagar who came as helper.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant says Kanak and Hema knows that it’s Sagar who mixed poison in food.

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