Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th May 2021 Written Update: Gehna reveals to Anant about Radhika’s lies

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radhika asks Kanak to think something and shocks seeing Gehna there through mirror. She moves towards her and Gehna hides inside the cupboard then Radhika locks that cupboard. She takes Kanak from store room and locks the room door. Gehna hears door locking sound and thinks Radhika and Kanak left so she should go to Anant to tell the truth then realises that cupboard is not opening and wonders how she is going to escape from there.

Radhika tells Kanak that Gehna heard everything so she locked her in the cupboard. Hema also hears that and asks what will happen if Gehna died there. Kanak says to them that they need to unlock the cupboard. Radhika asks her that what she has to do now. Kanak says to her that Jamuna send her to store room to search Sagar’s toy so if anything happens to Gehna then everyone will blame her but she didn’t lock Gehna in the cupboard.

Radhika tells her that she didn’t wanted to kill Gehna and she just locked her to stop her from telling the truth to Anant. Radhika, Hema and Kanak moves towards store room but Jamuna stops them and tells Hema and Kanak to go to kitchen and tells Radhika that Anant waiting for her to do office work. Kanak wonders what would have happened to Gehna and gets worried for her. Gehna struggles to breathe. Gehna calls Anant. Anant picks the call but could not hear her voice.

Kanak asks Hema that why she is trying to put salt in tea. Hema tells her that she is nervous and she will be caught too with Radhika. Kanak tells her to cook and goes to store room to unlock the cupboard. Hema prays to God for Gehna’s safety. Kanak shocks learning that cupboard is missing in store room. Desai’s learns that Gehna is missing. Anant calls Gehna but no response from other side. Hema asks Kanak about Gehna.

Kanak tells Hema and Radhika that cupboard is missing. Few people taking cupboard from Desai mansion. Desai’s gets worried for Gehna. Anant hears Gehna’s ringtone from cupboard and tells his family that Gehna must be inside the cupboard. He tries to open it but could not and asks that why it’s not opening. Praful tells him that it’s old cupboard and door gets jammed that’s why he decided to sell it so they should break the door.

Anant breaks the door and everyone shocks seeing the unconscious Gehna. Tiya splashes water on Gehna’s face. Anant calls Sapan and informs him about Gehna’s condition. Sapan tells him that Gehna needs fresh air and asks him to take Gehna alone. Anant takes Gehna to his room and rubs her hands and legs and asks her to open her eyes. Sapan tells Anant that Gehna needs oxygen now and tells him to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so Anant does it.

Then Gehna regains her consciousness and Anant asks her that what would have happened to him without her. Radhika comes there and says that she is glad that Gehna is fine and gives water to her. Gehna pushes the glass and tells Anant that Radhika locked her in the cupboard. She tells him that Radhika deceiving him by telling lies about Vineet.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant decides to rectify his mistake.

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