Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th November 2020 Written Update: Kokila explains Gehna’s situation to Anant

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 16th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guruji completes the pooja and tells Jamuna that lamp should not turn off for whole night and someone from her family has to make sure of it. Kanak tells him that as a daughter in law of this house she would like to take this responsibility if Praful, Jamuna gives permission to her then. Jamuna nods at her and smiles at Praful in assuring way.

Kanak takes blessings from Guruji. He tells her to be careful because if she failed then it will affect her whole family. Chetan mocks Kanak in his mind. Later Hema says she also wants to help Kanak. Kanak says Hema already failed in earrings matter and now water pot too so she decided to excute this plan alone and leaves from there. Pankaj follows her. Chetan tells Hema that Kanak started to act like a good daughter in law in front of everyone. Hema says she used to her sidekick but now she throw her away. He says Kanak planning something big for sure.

Gopi says she doesn’t have the picture of her leganga then how Gehna can stitch same like that. Gehna tells her to explain the leganga design and she will draw it first. Gopi explains it and Gehna starts drawing. Gehna shows her drawing to Gopi. Gopi gets surprised seeing that and says it looks exactly same like her leganga and praises her talent.

Kokila tells Anant that she is happy that she finally found her Ahem and says Praful told her that how Gehna saved him before he dies and says she doesn’t even know swimming still by risking her life she saved Ahem, now he is alive then just because of her. She says she knows that he is angry on Gehna for today’s incident but she moved from there because Guruji asked her to bring water pot. She says Gehna is blessing for this family and leaves from there.

Gehna tells Gopi that tomorrow morning she will get her leganga. Gopi asks is she going to wake full night to stitch her leganga and tells her to not do it. But Gehna convinces her somehow. Kokila overhears their conversation. Gehna shows her drawing to Kokila.

Kokila says it’s beautiful. Gopi tells Kokila that she wants to visit outhouse one last time. Kokila gives permission to her. Kanak hears them and thinks now Gopi going to outhouse with Kokila’s permission so something is fishy for sure. Kokila asks why she came here. Kanak says she came to ask Gehna’s help and asks her to stitch her leganga if she has any free time then because she can’t sleep tonight and need to fulfill her responsibility. She apologize to Gopi and takes Kokila’s blessing. Kokila warns her to not taunt her again. Kanak says if Gopi wants she can give her leganga to her. Gopi says she will wear the one Gehna stitching for her.

Hema takes Urmila with her so Kanak can execute her plan. Kanak talks to Hetal saying she can understand Kokila’s pain even though she doesn’t have any kids. Urmila says it was really hard for Kokila and Gopi and tells her everything and shows Gopi and Ahem’s picture. She says after Jaggy’s entry Gopi starts to live again and he brought happiness in her life. Kanak realises Gopi kaka is Ahem. Gopi kaka was recalling morning incident. Gopi comes there in disguised form and informs him that tomorrow she is leaving permanently. He says he will miss her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahem gets emotional seeing Gopi and Jaggy reaches there.

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