Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 17th April 2021 Written Update: Anant meets Vineet

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 17th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant learns that Gehna didn’t reach the examination centre yet and tells her to leave from there as soon as possible and asks about Radhika. Gehna gives the mobile to Radhika. Radhika says to Anant that her car stopped suddenly and there is no auto available but she will try her level best to send Gehna to the examination centre and disconnects the call. She again tries to start the car and says to Gehna that it’s not working but when Gehna touched something the car started working. Radhika makes excuses.

Anant comes there with his bike. Radhika apologize to him saying because of her Gehna got late to reach the examination centre. Anant says to her that his first priority is he has to drop Gehna in the examination centre so he will send mechanic for her and asks Gehna to sit on his bike and tells her to hold him tightly because he is going to drive fastly.

Radhika gets irritated seeing that and she reaches the house. Kanak asks her that why she seems angry when she should be happy because Gehna won’t be able to write her exam. Radhika says to her that she thinks Gehna suspects her or maybe Gehna knows that she did everything deliberately so what if she told everything to Anant. Kanak shows Anant’s rejection video to Radhika. Radhika smiles seeing that video. Kanak says to her that Anant regretted for telling Radhika to leave the house last time so he won’t repeat his mistake again and he won’t believe Gehna too and they can use Gehna’s truth against her and moreover Anant, Gehna would have reached the examination centre but no use.

Gehna pleads the Officer to let her give exam. Radhika calls Anant and hears Gehna’s pleading. Officer says to Gehna that she is already 1 hour late and gives permission to write exam. Radhika and Kanak celebrates their victory. Kanak says to her that even if Gehna writes exam she can’t write everything in half time so she won’t get admission in any law college. Officer asks students to submit the papers. Gehna pleads him to give extra time. He goes to arranges the papers without saying anything and refuse to accept Gehna’s paper. Anant mixes Gehna’s paper with other papers and runs from there with Gehna. Anant tells everything to his family. Tiya says to him that she never knows that he is such a naughty guy.

Gehna says to her that she did well in her exam and she will work hard for other exams too. She gives sweet to Kanak and Radhika saying they deserves sweet first. Hiral says to her family that Anant got job so they should celebrate that. Anant informs his family that his boss invited him and his family for dinner. He says to his family that his Manager praised a lot about the boss. Pankaj, Chetan gets excited to eat dinner. Anant was about to invite Radhika but Gehna interrupts saying his boss invited just his family. Radhika thinks big surprise waiting for Gehna there and smriks.

Later, everyone gets ready to go for dinner. Jamuna praises Gehna and tells them to enjoy. Anant shocks seeing Radhika’s house and wonders how it can be his Boss’s house. Vineet introduces himself to Anant and also introduces Radhika as his wife. Gehna and Anant shocks hearing him. Kanak notices Gehna’s reaction. Vineet asks them why they seems shocked seeing his wife. Anant recalls how Radhika tried to commit suicide. Gehna greets Vineet and introduces herself to him. Vineet goes to pick the call. Gehna asks Radhika that she didn’t inform them that Anant got job in Radhika’s company. Radhika says to her that she herself doesn’t know about this.

Pankaj says to Anant that Radhika become wife of rich man but he seems much older than her. Chetan says to Anant that his ex girlfriend become his boss now. Radhika message Kanak saying bix surprise waiting for Gehna. Hema asks about bathroom to Radhika. Anant looks at Radhika. Gehna thinks something is wrong.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak tells Radhika to execute the plan. Gehna breaks the photo frame of Vineet and Radhika by mistake. Vineet insults Gehna.

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