Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 17th November 2020 Written Update: Kanak invites Jaggy for Dandiya night

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 17th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kanak says now she knows all the truth and she is sure that Gopi and Kokila planning something and she has to know their plan to spoil that. She searches Gehna. Gehna comes there. Kanak tells her to not sleep full night.

Gopi thinks Gopi kaka has to attend dandiya night then only he can become Ahem from Gopi kaka according to their plan. She asks seems like he is tensed about something. He says he is not understanding what’s happening around him. She says he locked himself in his room and never goes out and never meets new people that’s why he is feeling like this.

She suggests him to go out and tells him about Desai’s dandiya night saying he should attend that and she is sure that he will feel better. He denies to go there. She tells him go there for her. Kanak tells Gehna to watch the diya full night but no one should know that she is here.

Gopi kaka says he doesn’t plays dandiya and all. She tells him to play this year for their friendship. He takes her with him and tells her to open the cupboard. She opens it and gets emotional seeing Ahem’s ring which she gifted him saying it’s the proof of their love so he should not lose it no matter what. She shows it to him. He says it’s his ring when Gehna saved him he was wearing this but he doesn’t remember anything about this ring also.

He says this world just betrayed him that’s why he never let anyone get close to him but she is different so he is gifting this ring to her. He makes her wear that ring. She comes to reality and asks what is he doing. He says he just wants to see how it looks on her hand. She thinks Ahem is not her husband, it’s Jaggy so this is wrong. He says it looks good on her but so big for her finger seems like it’s not made for her. She returns the ring to him. He says he was just joking and apologize to her. She says she will forgive him only if he attends dandiya night. He agrees to attend it for her.

She goes out and calls Kokila and informs her that Ahem agreed to attend dandiya night and hopes their plan gets successful. Kanak hears her and thinks to plan something to spoil their plan. Later she calls Jaggy and tells him that Gopi missing him a lot and invites him for dandiya night and suggests him to surprise Gopi by coming in front of her without informing her. She tells him to not talk to Gopi till then otherwise his surprise will be spoiled. He says he liked the idea and asks her name but she disconnects the call.

Gehna was stitching Gopi’s leganga and Sagar comes there and disturbs her. That time Anant comes there and asks what Sagar doing here. He says Sagar is staying in this house because of Praful, Jamuna and warns him to not do any mistake otherwise they has to throw him out of the house. Sagar says he is overreacting. Anant gets angry. Sagar leaves from there and thinks he will trap her in dandiya night.

Episode ends

Precap – Ahem meets Gopi. And Jaggy attends dandiya night to surprise Gopi.

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