Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 18th November 2020 Written Update: Kanak mistreats Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 18th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant asks Gehna that did Sagar tortured her. She denies his accusation and asks why he is here, did he he wants something. He says he is here to make coffee for him. She says she will make it for him. He says he makes very good coffee so he will manage it and says he can make coffee for her too if she wants to drink then. She gets surprised hearing him and says she don’t need coffee right now.

He asks what is she doing here in this darkness. She says there is light enough for her to continue her work. He says it’s really difficult to trust her after what she did at morning. She apologize to him saying it was her mistake. He says he is forgiving her this time and she should not repeat it again because she put someone’s life in danger and moves towards kitchen. Jaggy books ticket and gets excited to see Gopi’s surprised face.

Anant comes back with two coffee mugs and sits beside Gehna in the floor. She stands seeing that and gets nervous. He tells her to sit and says no one rejected his coffee when he was in America but she rejected it without thinking twice and gives one coffee mug to her. She hesitate to drink it from that mug. He understood her and says she is forgetting that he doesn’t believes in this discrimination. She takes the mug from her and says he forgot to mix milk with coffee powder. He says it’s black coffee so they should not use milk for it. She drinks it but doesn’t like the taste. He asks how is the coffee. She says it is good.

KBut he knows she is lying to him and smiles seeing how her face changed while drinking it. He says she need not to lie just because he prepared this coffee and says her face reaction says everything. He says he will mix milk for her and leaves from there after taking her coffee mug with him. She notices the flame of holy fire is about to go off and runs towards it and was about to put oil on it but stops recalling Kanak told her to wake her and runs towards her and wakes her but Kanak doesn’t reacts.

So Gehna runs towards the idol and sees Anant is already there, he puts oil (Title song plays in the background). Both smiles at each other. Then he notices Kanak sleeping there. She tells him to not tell about Kanak to anyone because she is tired by doing lot of works since morning that’s why she slept and tells him to go saying she is here. He denies to leave from there saying Guruji told that at least one family member should protect the holy fire so he will stay here. And both stays awake whole night.

Next day, Kanak wakes up with her alarm sound and scolds Gehna. Kokila witnesses that. Guruji tells Praful that Kanak deserves appreciation for protecting the holy fire. Praful signals Jamuna. Jamuna brings gold coin and was about to give it to Kanak but Kokila stops her saying Kanak was sleeping when she saw her and was about to tell about Gehna but Gehna signs her to not say anything about her. Kanak makes excuses saying she was not sleeping but chanting mantras only and Jamuna gives the gold coin to her. Later Kokila warns Kanak to not do any wrongdoing.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jaggy shocks seeing Gopi with Gopi kaka.

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