Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st April 2021 Written Update: Gehna saves Hema’s life

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna thinks she doesn’t have much time to get ready and has to think new idea also and collides with Hema. She notices that Hema is crying. Hema runs from there. Gehna wonders what happened to Hema and follows her. Host calls Radhika and she comes to the stage. Paresh says maybe Gehna’s leg pain started again. Praful says maybe she left the venue too.

Jamuna says God won’t let anything bad happen to Gehna. Judge asks Radhika about her dream. Radhika says her job is her dream and says she wanted to become independent and she succeed in her dream and says she is self made woman and she is proud of her achievement. She says she want everyone to dream for themselves and achieve their dream.

Host praises Radhika’s speech and says Gehna is missing so the competition ends with Radhika’s speech. Staff member tells Host that Gehna is ready to participate in the competition. Host announces that they found Gehna. Kanak shocks hearing him and thinks how Gehna escaped from that room. She signals something to one of the Judge. Praful, Jamuna and Tiya gets relieved hearing him. One of the Judge says punctuality is important so he would like to disqualify Gehna. Another Judge says they should give atleast 5minutes to Gehna. Anant waits for Gehna.

Hema recalls her kids and Chetan’s words and also how everyone insulted her. Hema was about to meet with an accident but Gehna saves her and asks what happened to her. Hema says she is her kids mother and Chetan’s wife or she is just a fat lady. She says she knows that she is fat and thought everyone will like her for the way she is but she was wrong.

She says she loved herself and what wrong she did by doing that. Gehna says Hema is really beautiful girl. Hema asks why should she believe her when her kids and husband failed to understand her. She cries saying she did wrong by participating in this competition. Gehna asks her to not think like that. Hema says she always made fun of Gehna then why she is feeling bad for her. She says she can’t face anyone after all this.

Judge says they has to disqualify Gehna. Gehna comes to the stage with Hema. Jamuna asks what Gehna doing with Hema. Judge asks why Gehna brought Hema. Gehna says they can’t disqualify her because she doesn’t want to participate in this biased competition and takes stand for Hema. She says she is proud of Hema because everyone made fun of her since beginning still she participated in the competition and her confidence is her beauty.

She criticises the Judges and Guests. She says she got second and Hema also deserved second chance. Hema’s kids apologize to Hema and hugs her saying she is best. Chetan apologize to Hema and says for him she is the winner of this competition and everyone claps. Judge apologize to Hema and tells Gehna to get ready for the final round. Gehna thanks her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Host announces the winner name.

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