Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st May 2021 Written Update: Gehna’s plan backfires

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184657

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant and Radhika comes from office. Sagar runs inside seeing them and Gehna notices that. Kanak asks Anant  about the presentation. Radhika says to her that it was wonderful. Anant goes inside. Kanak praises Radhika and taunts Gehna indirectly. Hema and Gehna hears their conversation. Radhika thanks Kanak for the compliment. Kanak says to her that they need to celebrate. Radhika tells her that they can party tonight. Gehna interrupts saying to Radhika that party is not possible and she called Vineet so he coming to take Radhika out. She says to her that Radhika didn’t slept whole night so she needs rest and her house is best place to rest.

Kanak wonders from when Gehna’s mind started working like this and seems like Gehna won’t stop until she throws Radhika out of the house. Gehna goes to bring food for Radhika and address her as guest. Radhika asks Kanak that what she is going to do because she can’t refuse Vineet tells her to give some idea to resolve the problem. She hits her feet on the wall and gets an idea. Kanak also understood her plan.

While eating Desai family hears Radhika’s scream. Anant picks Radhika and makes her lay on the bed. Vineet comes there and asks Radhika that what happened to her. Gehna asks her that why she screamed and why she is drenched. Radhika says to them that she slipped in the bathroom and seems like she twisted her leg. She recalls how Anant came to rescue her and they drenched because of shower. Vineet asks her that is it paining a lot. Gehna says to her that she will call Sapan. Hiral tells her that Sapan won’t pick the call because he left for emergency case.

Radhika tells Vineet to go to the airport because within 2 hours he has flight. She asks to give ice pack and ointment. Kanak says to them that they will wait for Sapan and tells Vineet to leave saying that they will take care of Radhika. Jamuna agrees with her. Vineet leaves from there. Gehna stays with Radhika to take care of her. Kanak asks Radhika to go saying that she will help Radhika. Gehna wonders what if Radhika lying.

Sagar waits for Gehna. Tiya gives food to Sagar. He asks her about Gehna. She says to him that Gehna is busy. He says to her that he knows that Gehna is angry with him and goes to see her. Sagar’s ball goes to Radhika’s room so she kicks it outside. Kanak tells Radhika to stay alert.

Sagar pleads Gehna to play with him. She yells at him and he runs from there. She takes Sagar’s note and learns that Radhika lying about her injury. Hema tells Gehna to do something against Radhika.

Gehna reveals to her family that Radhika is totally fine and she is playing with everyone’s emotions so she will expose her. Everyone goes to Radhika’s room. Radhika refuse to apply ointment. Gehna says to her that Radhika lying about her injury. Everyone questions Radhika. Radhika cries and apologize to Anant and shows her leg.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika says to Anant that she didn’t expected that he will suspect her. Anant yells at Gehna.

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