Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20th January 2021 Written Update: Radhika shows her fake concern for Gehna to Anant

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna was instructing the staff about decorations. Sagar who is watching her says everything going to spoil in few minutes. Anant videocalls Gehna. First she forgot that she has mobile then realises that Anant gifted mobile to her. She tells the staff that they doesn’t have much time so they has to finish the work as soon as possible and picks the call. Sagar shocks seeing smart phone with Gehna and decides to destroy her mobile first otherwise his plan may flop.

Anant asks her about decorations. She replies saying everything going well. He asks her about other ladies. She says they went to take rest for some time but staffs working here with her. He says he will join her to help her. She refuses to take his help saying he has to leave for his work tomorrow and gets silent seeing Radhika behind him. He also notices that Radhika came to his room and asks what is she doing in his room.

Gehna disconnects the call by mistake switch on the record button. One of the staff complaints to Sagar saying he has to work whole night but he is sleepy. Sagar gives alcohol to him saying it will solve all the problem and asks him to bring other staffs too.

Radhika says she was worried about Gehna because it’s such a big responsibility so it’s not easy to handle alone that’s why she thought they should go to venue to help her. He says she need not to worry about Gehna because she can handle everything alone. She says his room looks so clean and it changed after marriage. He says his wife changed. She says he knows that this puja is very important for Jamuna so she just hopes Gehna doesn’t make any mistakes.

Staff tells Gehna that they didn’t ate anything yet and takes everyone from there to eat. Sagar makes everyone drink and receives Kanak’s call but before she says anything he disconnects the call saying he is busy executing the plan. Kanak says today they will prove that Gehna is not capable to become Desai’s daughter in law and after blaming Gehna they will complete the work to impress Jamuna. Gehna waits for staffs and wonders why they are taking so much time to eat. Sagar switch off the light and sends Gehna to switch on the light. Sagar recalls how Anant beated him and the insults he faced because of Gehna then he puts fire to destroy the decorations.

Gehna shocks seeing the venue condition. She doesn’t find her mobile to inform about it to Anant and recalls Jamuna’s warning. Sagar calls Kanak and informs that they succeed in their plan and shows live telecast to her. Kanak tells Hema to call Jamuna. Hema informs her family about fire accident in puja venue. Kanak blames Gehna. Anant runs towards the venue and others follows him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant says everything recorded in Gehna’s mobile so they can catch the culprit soon.

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