Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Gehna reveals Kanak about the accident

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184657

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna tells her Trainer that she want to drive the car on the road today because it’s her last day of training. After some time, he tells her that she learnt driving and asks her to go reverse and she makes mistake and he asks her to put the brake but she hits someone. He tells her that he told that he will teach the remaining thing tomorrow but she didn’t listen him and scolds her for hitting someone.

She cries saying that she did nothing and she just followed his instructions. He tells her that they should leave now. She asks him that how can they leave instead of helping that lady. He tells her that they should escape before anyone else comes and takes the driver seat. She bends to take something and someone sees that lady and Trainer.

On the other hand, Kanak serves tea to everyone and asks Anant to buy ‘jalebi’ for everyone. He goes to his room and searches his car key and sees from window that his car also missing and assumes that his brothers would have take the car. Then he learns that Pankaj sleeping and Chetan also in the house only and wonders that who took his car. Paresh asks him that what happened. Anant asks about his car saying that he saw from his room window but it’s missing and also his car key. Praful tells him that the latter would have parked the car somewhere else and they goes to parking area.

Trainer asks Gehna to not tell anything to anyone and gives the car key to her and leaves from there. Anant shocks seeing car there. Paresh teases him. Gehna tells Kanak that the latter saved her and reveals that she hit someone. Kanak shocks hearing her and tells her that it’s a big sin. Gehna tells her that she should help that lady. Kanak tells her that they can help that lady later. Gehna shows the car key to her. Kanak asks her to throw the key inside the room through window and the latter could not do it so she herself throws it.

Anant enters his room and finds car key on his bed and thinks that something is fishy definitely. Jamuna asks him about Gehna. Anant calls Gehna. Kanak and Gehna go to help that lady. Gehna informs Kanak about Anant’s call and the latter asks her to not pick the call. They reaches the accident spot and Kanak asks Gehna to not get afraid seeing the crowd.

They learns that one lady crying because someone stole her purse. Kanak asks Gehna that is the latter sure that accident happened here only because there is no sign of an accident. Gehna tells her that she heard that lady’s scream. Kanak assures her saying that maybe it’s just a small wound.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jamuna slaps Gehna and lashes out at her.

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