Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Hema steals Gehna’s jewellery

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with In video call, Jaggy talks with Gopi and asks why her face seems dull. Urmila gets excited seeing him. Kokila tells her to not shout, others may get disturbed. He asks they settled there or not. Kokila says Praful is so happy to see them here. Hetal says his family is so lovable one. Urmila says his daughter in laws are such a drama queens. He says he is missing her and her talks so much.

Kokila tells him to come there and Gopi gazes her and tells him to come there. He too agrees which makes them happy. Gopi thinks everyone is happy, because of her hallucination she can’t spoil that. Gehna was studying hiding from everyone and says this is also important and apologize to Kanak for going against her decision and says she is also right in her place if anyone gets to know that she is studying then they may think she wants to become something and wants to fulfill her own dreams but she has only one dream that is she wants too Desais happy always.

Hema wonders Gehna sleeping or not because she has to steal the jewellery as per Kanak’s instruction otherwise she will lose her own jewellery and apologize to God in advance that she is going to steal. She sneaks into Gehna’s room and steals the jewellery successfully. Gopi kaka sees Gopi and wonders who is she and why she brought cake and why he eat that from her hand. He thinks he did wrong and leaves from there.

Next day, Gopi and Kokila notices that Gehna doing every household chores and she does works for all the family members too. Kokila says Gehna works full day but never complaints that she is tired. Gehna wishes happy anniversary to Praful and Jamuna. Kokila and Gopi too wishes them. Kokila asks about the jewellery. Gehna says it’s with her only. Kanak asks Hema why Gehna saying she has the jewellery when she stole it already. She tells her to bring that jewellery later so she can hide it somewhere and says Gehna has to live in this house as a servant only for her whole life.

Urmila says seems like only Gehna knows about Praful and Jamuna’s wedding anniversary. Hetal says maybe others are planning surprise party for them. Kokila says only time will tell. Gehna says Anant coming today and she is going to meet him first time because when she came to this house he went to study. Anant goes to temple and chases the theif who was running away after stealing the bag from elderly couple. Then he forgives him and takes the bag from him and returns it to the couple. Gopi helps Gehna to get ready for Praful and Jamuna’s wedding anniversary.

Anant helps that elderly couple to reach their city sacrificing his ticket. Jaggy who saw everything gives his ticket to him saying it’s not urgent for him to reach there. Anant thanks him saying his parents will get happy seeing him today.Kanak comes down stairs after getting ready. Everyone praises her and Kanak misunderstood that everyone talking about her but Jamuna goes to Gehna who is behind Kanak which shocks her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak insults Gehna. Anant makes an entry.

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