Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Vineet saves Gehna from Sagar

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna meets Vineet and gives his and his mother’s picture. He thanks her and asks her to come inside the house. But she refuse him saying that she has to prepare for her exam. He says to her that he will drop her and goes inside the house to keep the picture. Sagar tries to hit Gehna but she escapes. She shocks seeing Sagar. He holds her hand and tries to make her unconscious but Vineet saves her and yells at Sagar. Sagar pushes Vineet aside and goes to Gehna. Vineet slaps Sagar and gets injured because of Sagar. Sagar again tries to attack Gehna but falls down and his head hits on the stone and he loses his consciousness.

Anant asks Paresh about Gehna. Hema says to Anant that Gehna went to Radhika’s house to give Vineet’s picture to him. Anant calls Gehna and scolds her for going out alone and he learns about Sagar. In the hospital, Nurse treats Vineet’s wound. Gehna prays to God for Sagar. Radhika comes there and gets worried for Vineet. Vineet says to her that he is fine. Gehna says to Radhika that Vineet saved her life today otherwise she can’t even imagine what would have happened to her.

Anant and others comes there. Hema asks Gehna about Sagar. Gehna informs her that his surgery going on. Doctor informs them that Sagar’s condition is critical and they are trying their best to save him and leaves from there. Hema shatters hearing him and Chetan consoles her. Radhika says to Vineet that he must be tired so they should leave now. Vineet asks Anant to call him if he needs any help then.

Radhika and Vineet moves from there. Radhika says to him that she need to inform Anant about project and goes to Anant. She says to him that work is pending so they should start the work earlier tomorrow and Vineet won’t be in India too. He nods at her and she leaves from there. She thinks after tomorrow no one can come between her and Anant.

Gehna consoles the crying Hema saying that nothing will happen to Sagar. Kanak taunts Gehna. Gehna says to her that she wants Sagar to be punished for his crimes but that’s not mean she wants him to die. In Desai house, Jamuna gets worried for Sagar. Tiya says to her family that Sagar getting punished for his sins. Hema hears that. Chetan agrees with Tiya and says to her that Sagar is responsible for his condition. Gehna hugs Hema and says to her that it was an accident and nothing will happen to Sagar.

Next day, Anant asks Gehna to believe that he is jmgoing to office just for work. Radhika plans to get close to Anant. Anant talks about Gehna to Radhika. Radhika asks him to not worry about Gehna. She gets close to him while discussing about the project but he feels uncomfortable.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna decides to take Sagar to Desai house.

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