Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Anant cheers Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gopi introduces Jaggy to Ahem. She says when Ahem was not with them it was Jaggy who supported her and whole family. She says she hided to Jaggy about Ahem because she didn’t wanted to hurt him and she just wanted to reunite Ahem and Kokila. She says she is not Ahem’s Gopi anymore and it’s the truth of her life. Hema thinks this is drama of the year.

Kanak says Gopi has to choose anyone from Jaggy and Ahem and how she is going to do that. Anant says that’s their personal matter so others can’t interfere. Kokila tells Praful that she came alone but going back with her two sons and says they faced lot and they will find solution for this also looking at Kanak. Gopi and Hetal agrees with her. Jaggy leaves from there saying he will arrange cab. Kokila bids bye to Desai family. Hema gets happy because Modi family leaving finally. Ahem sees Gehna and asks won’t she say anything to him. She gets emotional hearing him.

Later she packs Ahem’s luggage and tells him that what all she is packing and was keep blabbering. He tells her to come to him and she starts to cry seeing him and says he made her cry, this is what she didn’t wanted now he will remember her crying face only whenever he recalls her. He wipes her tears and says she saved his life, how can he forget that and says he is not going permanently, they will meet in future and for others he is Ahem but for her he is her Gopi kaka always. He says he will be in front of her whenever she thinks about him and she hugs him. Gopi and Anant comes there.

Ahem tells Anant that Gehna is his sister and tells him to take her of her. Anant promises him that he will take care of Gehna. Gehna says everyone leaving, from now on she has to live alone. Gopi says she is not alone and gives krishna idol to her saying he will be there for her always and tells her to smile. She asks will she recall her. Gehna says she won’t forget her for a second also and hugs her. Anant says everyone waiting for them.

Jamuna gets worried thinking about Modi family. Hiral consoles her saying no one can change destiny like they could not do anything in Tanu’s matter and says they got Doctor for her treatment. Kanak overhears their conversation and thinks Hiral is here to take money using Tanu’s condition. Jamuna didn’t heard anything which Hiral told her and asks did she said anything or she wants anything. Kanak says Hiral wants God’s blessings. Hiral says for her daughter treatment she wants more than blessing also. Kanak says she understands that but it’s not right time to talk about all that, they are late for pooja already so let’s talk later.

Jamuna wonders how Kokila will handle this situation and says Gopi is mature like Kanak and she is sure that Gopi will help Kokila. Anant sees Gehna crying and cheers her. Sagar notices them. Hiral thinks she doesn’t like to use her daughter but she doesn’t have any other choice to pay the debt. She was about to talk to Anant about money but her husband stops her. Then she yells at him.Gehna gets happy seeing servant Alka and gives prasad to her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sagar tries to molest Gehna. Anant comes there to rescue Gehna.

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