Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 26th April 2021 Written Update : Sagar tries to attack Radhika

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 26th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Jamuna asks Gehna about Anant. Gehna says to her that Anant sleeping. Kanak says to her that once Sagar comes no one can sleep. Pankaj tells her to not worry saying that he and Chetan will handle Sagar. Doctor brings Sagar there and leaves from there.

Kanak thinks why Sagar glaring her and wonders he really lost his momery or acting. Sagar moves towards Kanak so Pankaj and Chetan comes in front of her to protect her. Sagar jumps on Chetan and pulls his hair and treats him like a toy. Jamuna tells him to leave Chetan. He ignores her totally.

Gehna asks him to get up saying that she will give chocolate to him. He leaves Chetan and address Gehna as mother. Kanak shocks hearing him. He says to Gehna that he is hungry. She says to him that she will give food and takes him inside. Kanak says to her family that it’s just a trailer and Sagar will trouble everyone in the future.

After some time, Gehna says to them that she gave food to Sagar so he is sleeping now and won’t trouble anyone and leaves to write exam. Anant asks Jamuna that what happened because he heard noise. She tells him to not worry about Sagar. He informs her that he decided to work from home. Radhika comes there and says to him that they are working together in the same project so she will join him.

Kanak praises Radhika’s idea in her mind. She tells Radhika that no one can come between her and Anant. Radhika reminds Anant about their past. Anant recalls about Gehna’s proposal. She apologize to him for reminding the past and says to him that she can’t love someone else and leaves the room. He thinks he can understand her feelings because he is also feeling same.

Sagar asks Radhika to give food. She shows the food and tells him to have food. He finds hair in the food and says to Radhika that it’s her hair. She gets irritated hearing him. He says to her that he is going to chop off her hair and chases her. She screams for help and everyone comes there. Anant asks Sagar to return the scissor.

Sagar refuse to give it saying he has to chop off Radhika’s hair. He moves towards Radhika and Gehna stops him and asks him to return the scissor. He gives it to her and others feels relieved. Anant scolds Sagar. Hiral says everything happening because of Gehna’s stupid decision. Jamuna says to Gehna that today Sagar tried to attack Radhika tomorrow he may attack someone else. Praful says they should send Sagar to the rehabilitation centre.

Sagar says to Gehna that he find hair in the food and Radhika threaten to hit him with water jar. Radhika says to them that Sagar lying. Hema tries to support Sagar. Anant says to them that Sagar acting. Gehna defends Sagar and takes him inside.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant supports Radhika over Gehna.

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