Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 28th April 2021 Written Update: Gehna tells Radhika to focus on her family

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184657

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 28th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant notices Vineet calling Radhika and picks the call. Vineet talks to Anant thinking Radhika picked the call and says to him that he is missing her so much. Anant clears the misunderstanding and informs him about Gehna’s result and Radhika cooking to celebrate Gehna’s success. Vineet tells him to congratulate Gehna on behalf of him and says to him that Radhika will make tasty food because she is expert in cooking now and asks him to tell her to pack food for him also. Anant agrees with him and disconnects the call. He recalls Radhika’s words about Vineet and Vineet’s behaviour.

Later, Jamuna tells Radhika to join. Radhika refuses the offer. Everyone drinks a lot of water. Hema scolds Radhika for adding so much spicy. Gehna serves dessert to everyone. Paresh praises Gehna’s dessert. Anant asks her that when she made it. She replies him saying that she made it morning itself. Anant says to them no one can beat Gehna’s cooking. Radhika says to them that she will make something else again. But Pankaj stops her.

Sagar comes there and says he is hungry and eats Radhika’s food then taunts her. Gehna says to them that she will make noodles for them. Radhika gets pissed off and leaves from there. Anant follows her. Kanak leaves from there. Radhika talks to Kanak but acts like she is talking to Vineet and apologize to him. Anant overhears that and thinks he made mistake by informing Vineet that Radhika cooked.

Kanak tells Radhika to not overact and disconnects the call. Radhika blames herself for her misery and says to Anant that she want to die and cries hugging Anant. Sagar hits Radhika and says to Anant that he did wrong by holding Radhika’s hand. Anant says to him that Sagar is right and tells him to leave from there. Sagar goes out and tells about Radhika to Gehna.

Gehna says to Radhika that she will drop Radhika in her house and she needs her help in shopping. Radhika says to her that she has some other work. Anant request her to go with Gehna. Radhika nods at him.

After shopping, Gehna goes to Radhika’s house and asks her to make juice for her. Radhika tells Gehna to sit saying that she goes towards the kitchen. Gehna stops her saying that she just realised that she spend so much time with her and her family must be waiting for her so she can drink Radhika’s hand made juice later. Radhika understood Gehna’s plan and confronts her. Gehna accepts that she came to drop Radhika in her house and taunts her. She tells her to concentrate on her husband Vineet.

Anant learns that what all Gehna said to Radhika and scolds her for that. Gehna gives the return gift to Anant and leaves from there. Anant opens the gift.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant scolds Sagar for destroying his presentation.

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