Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 29th July 2021 Written Update: Goons kidnaps Kanak

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184657

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 29th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hiral and Paresh discusses about moon. Gehna thinks that no one remembers her marriage anniversary and she is about to leave from there but Anant starts singing then she gets surprised seeing the balloon decorations and marriage anniversary board and he tells her that how can he forget this day and brings panipuri and icecream stall. She gets excited seeing that and tells him that she thought no one remembers the marriage anniversary.

Anant asks Pankaj about the cake. Pankaj tells him that he got fresh cake from his bakery and goes inside then comes out with a cake. Kanak curses Pankaj and makes him drop the cake by putting her leg on his way and scolds him for his carelessness. Gehna tells her that they did so much for her and that’s enough for her and thanks Anant for the surprise. He gives nuptial chain as gift to her saying that last year he fulfilled the responsibility of a son and now he is fulfilling the responsibility as her husband. She gets emotional hearing him and thanks him again. Anant and Gehna takes Praful, Jamuna’s blessings.

Jamuna and Kanak leaves the house to attend a function. Gehna wonders that what gift she is going to give it to Anant and bakes a cake and he gets surprised seeing ‘laddu’ cake and they cuts the cake and feeds each other. He notices that she didn’t wear the nuptial chain he brought for her and asks her to return his gift and makes her wear the nuptial chain and she gets emotional. Then he gives an envelope to her.

She realises that he got admission for her in driving school and hesitates to join it. He asks her to forget the past and fulfill all of her dreams and he is there to support her always. He tells her that he knows that she felt lonely by thinking that she is not a part of this family but that’s not the truth and she is really part of this family. She tells him that she feels weird suddenly. They hears Jamuna’s scream and goes downstairs.

Anant asks Jamuna that what happened to her. Gehna gives water to Jamuna. Jamuna reveals that few goons tried to kidnap her and Kanak tried to save her then they kidnapped Kanak. Goon calls Desai mansion and Pankaj asks Anant to put the phone on speaker and Goon reveals that he has Kanak and asks Anant to fulfill his demand if the latter wants Kanak alive then and he will call again to reveal his demand.

Hema pleads to open the door saying that she is hungry. Jamuna asks Chetan to open the door. Kanak slaps Goon and asks him to not do anything without her permission and orders him to bring food for her. Hema refuses to believe that Goons kidnapped Kanak and informs Chetan that it’s Kanak’s drama only. Anant and Gehna discusses about Kanak’s kidnap. Jamuna tells Praful that Kanak tried to save her. Anant asks her about the car number and tells her that they decided to find Kanak by themselves.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna receives Kanak’s finger in parcel.

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