Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 31st October 2020 Written Update: Gopi gets to know the truth of Gopi kaka

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 31st October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Piyush, Sanchi shows their drawings to Praful and Jamuna. Praful praises his grandchildren. Chetan says their children loves their grandparents so much. Kanak and Pankaj sees everything hiding from them. She says they are using their children to get the property.

Pankaj says they are lying to Praful because the drawing done by Chetan if she gives permission then he will reveal the truth. She says it’s not the time to expose them and moves towards them. Chetan says Kanak did right by slapping Sagar after what he did and he is not feeling bad for that. Hema says she will talk to Sagar and she knows that Kanak can never do anything wrong.

Praful praises the unity of his sons and daughter in laws.The people who does wrestling with Gopi kaka says they will miss him and tells him to teach some technics before leaving from there. Kokila, Praful and Jamuna leaves for the temple with others. Kokila tells Gopi to take care of her legs. Gopi gets worried saying she could not reach the wrestling area to meet Gopi kaka.

. Gehna says within 30minutes she can reach there and stops Anant who is coming with his car. She tells him to drop Gopi in wrestling area. He asks why she is going there. She says it’s very important for her. He says he doesn’t know the location. She says she knows she will tell him. He tells Gopi to get in the car. Gehna tells him to drive fast. They reaches the wrestling area and Gopi searches Gopi kaka and finds him.

He moves from there to clean the mud. She runs towards upstairs and thinks he won’t let her go near him so she has to do this. She pours water on him from upstairs and notices her name’s tattoo on his wrist. She gets emotional and cries in happiness and thanks God saying her Ahem is alive. Gopi kaka gets confused seeing Gopi there. One plastic water drum was about to fall on Gopi kaka.

Gehna notices that and runs towards him to save him. Anant runs behind Gehna to save her. Seeing that plastic water drum going to fall on him Gopi kaka moves from there to save himself. Gopi gets relived seeing that. Anant drags Gehna with him and she falls on him.He asks is she fine and tells her to get up from him but she was keep gazing him.

Gopi runs towards Gopi kaka. He tells her to stay away from him. Gehna tells Anant to get up first then realises her position and gets up. He says she is always in confusion mood and asks her did she have any injury. She replies saying she is fine. Anant leaves from there saying he has to pick Praful because his car tyre punctured. Gopi kaka leaves from there without letting Gopi say anything to him. Sagar barges into Kanak’s room to confront her.

Kanak says she saved him by slapping him otherwise they would have throw him out of the house. Gehna asks Gopi kaka that where he is going without informing her. He complaints about Gopi to her. In temple, Panditji says bride already entered in Anant’s life. Praful and others gets happy but Anant gets shocks.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hema warns Gehna to stay in her limits. Anant helps her going against Kanak.

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