Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th June 2021 Written Update: Gehna shows evidence against Kanak to Desai’s

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna accepts that she took money from Amrish. Jamuna asks her to not fear about anyone and tell the truth. Police takes Gehna with them. Kanak and Hema goes to the terrace. Kanak says to Hema that finally she won and Gehna lost it. She tells her that she is going to rule Desai mansion and other side, Gehna will suffer in the jail. Jamuna pleads Police inspector to leave Gehna because she is innocent.

Police inspector tells her to let him do his job. Kanak and Hema comes downstairs. Hema asks Chetan and Pankaj about others. Everyone comes inside. Kanak shows money plant to Hema. Hema takes it and goes inside. Gehna tells Lady constable that she want to talk to Anant once.

Kanak dances with money plant and dreams of becoming queen of Desai mansion. Hema wakes her and tells her that Anant knows their truth. Kanak says to her that she is not afraid of him because he can’t do anything against her and asks her to not worry.

Praful decides to arrange money for Gehna. Kanak thinks she won’t let him arrange money and says to Jamuna that she is going to Amrish’s office to request him to withdraw the complaint because even though Gehna did mistake, they can’t leave her after all she is their family member.

Anant comes there and asks about Gehna. Hiral informs Anant that Police arrested Gehna in cheating case. Anant starts breaking the things saying that Gehna won’t do something like that. Kanak wonders what happened to him suddenly.

He breaks money plant too and tells Kanak that he also knows to do drama. He asks her that why she didn’t inform Desai’s that she already met Amrish twice and all the problem occurred because of her. Kanak tells him that he can’t accuse her like this because Gehna is the culprit. Gehna, Amrish and Police enters Desai mansion.

Police inspector tells Desai’s that Amrish will reveal the truth now. Amrish reveals that he made deal with Kanak and also reveals that how Kanak and Hema instigated him against Gehna. Gehna refuses to give complaint against Amrish so Police leaves from there. Gehna reveals that how she suspected Kanak and Hema when they were running behind Sagar for money plant.

Anant reveals that how Kanak and Hema stole the consignment and how he learnt about Amrish and Kanak’s deal. He apologize to Pankaj saying that he can’t stay silent anymore. He reveals that Kanak brought Radhika to their house to separate him and Gehna and she even took 25 lakhs from Radhika.

Pankaj asks him that what is he saying. Anant tells him that he is saying the truth only and reveals about Radhika’s blackmail and how Gehna signed modelling contract to save Kanak and Hema. Pankaj tells Gehna that he knows that Kanak don’t like her but she won’t stoop this low. Kanak says to him that he is right. Gehna plays Kanak’s confession video.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak apologize to Gehna. Pankaj throws Kanak out of the house.

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