Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th November 2020 Written Update: Gopi fails in her first attempt

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kanak tells Pankaj to deposit the cheque. Chetan says he is working in the bank only so he will do it. Kanak tells Chetan to help He may in her work and Pankaj will handle the cheque matter. Praful says he is an retired man now and he has lot of free time so he will go to the bank and asks Anant to accompany him saying he wants to talk to him. Jamuna tells Praful to talk to Anant about his marriage on their way.

Anant asks why they are talking about his marriage now. Jamuna says she already selected few girls for him and he just has to pick the one whom he likes then Desai family will be completed once she gets third daughter in law. Pankaj tells Chetan that from money topic changed to marriage. Anant tells Gehna to eat with them. Kanak asks Gehna to bring her plate. Gopi singh tells Gopi to help him to remove the mud from his back shoulder.

He tells her to change her clothes saying smell coming from her dress. She stays silent without moving from there. He asks why she is behaving like a girl and tells her to change the dress. She says she will change the dress in the bathroom and moves from there. He realises something and wonders how she knows where is the bathroom.

Gehna takes some cheap plate with her and stands beside Kanak. Jamuna tells Kanak to serve food to Gehna. Anant notices Gehna’s plate. Kanak curses her fate saying now she has to serve food to servant and serves just rice and dal to her. Anant asks why Gehna is not eating with them and asks Kanak that why she didn’t serve Gehna the food they are eating right now. He asks Jamuna what’s happening here.

Gehna says it’s her plate and she has emotional attachment with it that’s why she always eats in this plate and she likes white rice from childhood that’s why she eats rice with dal and leaves from there. Kanak says she is feeling bad with Anant’s behavior because he literally blamed her. Jamuna tells her that Anant asked normally only from whatever he saw. Anant apologize to Kanak if she felt bad and says he is still not understanding that why she is not eating, with them.

Gopi singh asks how Gopi knows the bathroom when he didn’t tell her about it. She says she just guessed it according to vastu shastra. He gets convinced with her reply and leaves from there. She thinks she is someone else’s wife and staying with someone else which is totally wrong so she has to talk to Jaggy about it. She calls Jaggy after knowing he is busy with his work, she doesn’t tells him anything and disconnects the call after telling him to take care of him.

Gopi singh notices that Gopi is tensed and asks who is troubling her. She takes one picture from her bag and says this girl keep following her always. He recalls Gopi and says same thing happened with him too. She says that girl herself gave this picture to her and says if she puts this picture in the fire then she will get rid of her.

She thinks Ahem won’t be able to put her picture in the fire. He shocks seeing Gopi’s picture. Anant follows Gehna with food plate and tells her to eat this for one day and gives it to her. Gopi singh puts Gopi’s picture in the fire. Gopi gets sad seeing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sagar tries to misbehave with Gehna but Anant comes there.

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