Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th April 2021 Written Update: Hema learns about Gehna’s kidnap

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna was praying for Anant and Sagar watches her. Anant decides to go to temple and informs about it to Jamuna. Jamuna tries to stop Anant but he leaves from there. Sagar says to Gehna that her husband’s life in danger. Gehna gets worried. Sagar asks her to tie “Raksha Dhaga” on her husband’s wrist. Gehna moves towards Sagar and he makes her unconscious.
He picks her and his allies joins him. Anant searches Gehna in temple. He asks one lady about Gehna. He learns that Gehna went to backside temple and he goes there. Sagar sees Anant and doesn’t let him see Gehna.

Anant calls Police station and asks Police to search Gehna. Desai family gets worried for Anant. Sapan asks Praful about Anant. Jamuna says Anant went to temple to pick Gehna. Kanak says it’s Gehna’s mistake and Anant suffering because of Gehna. Hiral blames Gehna for Anant’s sufferings. Praful asks Pankaj, Chetan to go to temple and bring Anant and Gehna back.

Sagar asks his allies to wait outside and locks the door. He goes to the unconscious Gehna. Anant searches Gehna. Sagar takes the bangles Kanak gave her and says he will make Gehna wear these bangles. Gehna regains her consciousness and shocks seeing Sagar and pushes him. He tightens his on her. Gehna screams for help. Anant hears her voice. Gehna and Sagar also hears Anant’s voice. Goons stops Anant from entering the house. Pankaj and Chetan reaches the temple and searches Anant and Gehna. Police comes there to save Anant. Sagar runs from there seeing Anant. Gehna hugs Anant.

Anant consoles Gehna. Kanak informs her family that Pankaj could not find Anant and Gehna in the temple. Hema gets worried for them and realises that Sagar knows Gehna going to temple. She calls Sagar and asks about Gehna. Sagar asks her to not suspect him. Hema says she knows that he is lying to her and asks him to tell the truth. Sagar accepts that he kidnapped Gehna but Anant rescued her with Police’s help. He says Police chasing him and disconnects the call. Hema thinks Sagat become mad.

Anant asks Gehna that why she came to backside temple. Gehna informs him about Baba and says it must be any Goon. Anant says it must be Sagar. Gehna says Anant rescued her on time otherwise she can’t even imagine what would have happened to her. Anant says Gehna is famous person now after all she is Mrs. Surat so he has to stay beside her always and teases her. Scorpion bites Gehna and she winces in pain.

Anant sees Scorpion and gets worried. He says poison will spread on her body easily. Gehna loses her consciousness. Anant picks Gehna and takes her to the nearest house. Kanak informs everything to Radhika. Radhika gets worried for Anant. Anant informs one lady about Gehna’s condition. He asks that lady about Doctor. That lady says they doesn’t have time to wait for Doctor.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant hugs Gehna. Radhika sees that.

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