Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th June 2021 Written Update: Pankaj apologize to Gehna on behalf of Kanak

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant says to Kanak that if Gehna wanted then she would have shown this video to Police but she don’t want her to go to the jail. He tells her that she always wanted to destroy Gehna but she failed to understand that, that will affect Desai family only. Kanak falls on Jamuna’s feet and apologize to her saying that she did huge mistake. Jamuna asks her to apologize to Gehna because she did wrong with her.

Kanak apologize to Gehna and tells her that from now on she won’t do anything against her. Pankaj comes there and gives jewels to her saying that she needs this not apology and tells her that while trying to show the real place to Gehna, she stoop so low that she didn’t even think about Anant and Gehna’s married life. She asks him to forgive her but he pushes her.

Anant asks Pankaj to leave her. Pankaj asks him to not stop and tells Kanak that he did so much for her because he loved her that much and while trying to change her fate, he changed his nature but she didn’t change for him instead she backstabbed him.

He tells Jamuna that he is ashamed of himself because he loved and trusted Kanak so much but she betrayed him and asks her to leave the house. Everyone shocks hearing him. Anant asks him to not do that. Kanak pleads Pankaj not throw her out of the house.

Chetan tells his family that Hema also supported Kanak always in her wrong deeds so Hema should leave the house too with Kanak. Hema pleads him to not say like that and she can’t live without her family and tells him that she did nothing and she was not part of any plan of Kanak and everything was done by Kanak alone.

She reveals that Kanak made deal with Radhika and Amrish and asks Kanak to tell everyone that she did everything alone. She promises on her Kids saying that she did nothing. Kanak tells them that Hema did nothing and thinks for Kids she is leaving her. Pankaj asks his family to not stop him and throws Kanak out of the house. Kanak apologize to everyone and pleads them to open the door and cries recalling Pankaj”s words.

Later, Gehna says to Anant that no one came to eat and goes to call Pankaj. Pankaj sees Kanak through window and close it. He apologize to Gehna on behalf of Kanak. Gehna cries seeing her family condition and Anant tries to console her. She tells him that she never thought that this will happen. After some time, Gehna gives food to Kanak. Then she gathers everyone in the hall and asks them to forgive Kanak. Pankaj tells her that Kanak deserves punishment for her sin not forgiveness. Pankaj goes to her room. Praful asks Gehna to bring Kanak inside. Anant and Gehna shocks realising that Kanak is missing.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak’s mother slaps Gehna.

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