Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update: Kanak becomes Sagar’s new mother

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna asks God that why he let Kanak harm the innocent and she can’t stay silent but she is not understanding that what to do and asks God to show path to her. Paresh hears her and says to her she is God’s favourite and how can she think that God won’t support her. She says to him that he also saw what happened to Sagar today.

He tells her that everyone saw wound on Radhika’s leg and heard that Gehna has beaten Sagar but he knows that both of the things are not true and asks her to fight for truth by going the path God shown to her. He says to her that she has to fight against evil. She says to him that she will fight for truth in her way and will destroy the evil with her truth and she won’t backoff no matter what.

Radhika cries in sleep and wakes up. She shocks seeing Anant in front of her and she refuse to pick Vineet’s call. He tells her to pick the call saying that no one can harm her when he is with him. She says to him that she is afraid to stay alone in the room. Gehna comes there and says to Anant that he should sleep now. He says to her that Radhika needs him so he will stay with her tonight and tells Gehna to go and sleep. Radhika asks Gehna to take rest saying that she must be tired. Gehna leaves from there.

Gehna thinks she knows that Radhika and Kanak conspiring against her. Radhika could not able to sleep because of pain. Gehna applies medicine on Radhika’s wound.She tells Anant to go for sleep saying that Radhika will feel relieved in few minutes. Anant and Gehna leaves from there.

Next day, Kanak learns that Gehna failed Radhika’s plan. Sagar puts fake lizard on Kanak’s hand. Kanak screams seeing that. He address her as new mother and thanks her for giving so many gifts to him. Gehna overhears their conversation and recalls how she put gifts on Sagar’s bed with Kanak’s name. Kanak thinks Gehna must be behind all this.

Jamuna asks Radhika about her pain. Gehna gives milk to Radhika and apologize to her for doubting her. Radhika thinks Gehna’s medicine really working and says to Anant that she want to have food with others and asks him to take her out. Gehna stops him saying that she will bring Radhika to the dining table.

Sagar says to Desai’s that Kanak is his new mother and he will play with her from now on and asks her to give food to him. Gehna says to them that Kanak will prove that she loves kids most and she is sure that Kanak will take care of Sagar really well. Hiral taunts Gehna for giving lecture after beating Sagar. Anant requests Hiral to not talk about that incident in front of Sagar. Sagar gets afraid seeing Gehna. Hema recalls Kanak’s words about Gehna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna sees Kanak when she tries to spoil the dress.

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