Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th November 2020 Written Update: Sagar tries to molest Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna notices that Gopi is sad and asks why Gopi kaka is so precious for her. Gopi says he is Ahem and Jaggy is her second husband who looks exactly like Ahem. Gehna gets confused hearing her. Gopi says before 5years she lost Ahem in one accident and now finally she got him. Gehna asks is she sure that Gopi kaka is her Ahem.

Gopi nods at her. Gehna says Gopi is so brave and she is trying too so she will get the thing she lost it and he will remember his past and she knows that Gopi will do that. She gives one flower to her and tells her to sleep keeping this under the pillow and she can sleep peacefully also next day she will get way to start new beginning. She says Gopi and Ahem path may be different now but she will be happy if they ends up together at end. Gopi says now that’s not possible because she married someone else already but she is doing all this for Kokila, she wants to return Ahem to her. Gehna says she is sure that Gopi can do that and wipes her tears.

Later, Gehna says Anant is not less than God for her because he gave food to her and now she respects him more than before. She gets happy seeing the stars and thanks them for giving new family and new life to her and starts to paint that view.

Other side Anant was smiling seeing the stars. Sagar enters Gehna’s room and tells her to she need not to be afraid seeing him because he just wants to talk to her, he was not getting sleep and it’s good that she is awake too. She gets nervous seeing him locking the door. He asks what is she doing here and notices her painting, before he sees that she takes it with her and stands far from him. He asks why she is afraid of him and snatches the painting from her and throws it out of the window. That painting lands near Anant and he wonders how it reached here.

Gopi kaka asks how Gopi gets to know about him. She says she saw his details in internet. He says he has no idea that his wrestling team is that much famous. He tells her to pour a bowl of water on head. She asks is it necessary now. He nods at her. She was about to pour water on her head but he stops her saying he told her to pour water on his head. She does it like he said. Then he pours water on her saying they has to control themselves like this. Sagar tries to molest Gehna that time Anant comes there and asks what’s happening. She tries to blabber something. He says he asked Sagar.

Sagar says he was not getting sleep and entered this room seeing the light and was seeing her drawings and was asking she eat or not and says even though she is not their family but they treats her as part of their family. Anant says she is staying in this house for 5years and it’s obvious she can take care of herself and tells him to go from there. Anant takes Gehna with him and they spends time together seeing stars. Gopi enters the house wearing saree and Sagar asks did she went outside and says her hair is wet. She makes excuses and was about to leave from there but Hema stops her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant hears when Kanak was taunting Gehna.

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